The Auckland Skyline.

We had dinner at a friend’s place in Devonport today and I was inspired to go take a night shot of Auckland’s skyline.

So our friend took us to Mount Victoria, where we had an amazing panoramic view of the Auckland city.

Out came our tripod, and this is what we achieved. Hee!

It was so beautiful up there, but I was freaking cold and we left after taking a few shots. We were paiseh to let our friends stay in the cold with us.

Later in the evening, on our way home, the hubby and I detoured to Devonport beach and snapped a few more on our own. We also tried one that had us in it.

This shot was taken at a shutter speed of 4 seconds. That means we had to keep COMPLETELY still for 4 seconds after the 10 seconds timer was up. The hubby ended up with a stiff plaster smile! Haha..


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