5 days down South – Part 8 : Milford Sound.

When you tell people that you’ve been to Queenstown, they will ask if you went to Milford Sound.

Milford Sound is like THE place to go. It’s legendary and everyone that goes to Queenstown makes a trip there.

It’s not easy to get there. It takes slightly more than an hour if we take a 6 seater flight ride there but costs $500 person. The alternative would be to drive around the mountains for more than 4 hours to get there. The choice was quite obvious for us, since the cost of flying for 4 persons was too hefty.

The route is a very scenic one, so it’s really not that painful to drive to and fro a total of 8 hours or more. But the truth is there is nothing else to do at Milford Sound but take a cruise out to see the fiordlands. And that cruise is another $100 per person.

Here’s us, just before we boarded the Milford Sovereign.

To spend that much time and money, the view had better be damn worth it, right? Yeah, it is.. BUT it’s a matter of heng suay (luck) too. And our luck was down when we were there this time. It was raining, cold and foggy.

Most of the amazing stuff was blocked from our view by the fog, and it was just too wet to go out onto the open deck.

It still looks beautiful, but nothing compared to what we saw exactly 2 years ago in the same place. This was taken year end 2007 in Milford Sound –

But all was not lost! We still had a great time. We ate a yummy buffet lunch onboard, and saw LOTS of waterfalls. This was a result of the melting snow/ice as summer approaches and water was literally running down everywhere on the slopes!

Here’s me with my DSLR, wrapped in a ziplock bag to protect it from the pouring rain. The mountains were lined with waterfalls!

A lovely waterfall seen from the cruise.

We also saw sea lions, penguins and dolphins!

And the hubby took a wonderful video of one magnificent waterfall. When this video was captured, we were soaked through our down jackets and our compact camera was all wet too! Haha..

It was a good day for us!


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  1. wow so beautiful!!! must be cold too right? and you better dry your down jackets! haha

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