My Favourite Lens at the moment.

Ever since this little fellow arrived in our family, the rest of the boys have been.. err.. shelved.

     The Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM.

It’s the sharpest lens that I own now and it’s small, quiet and a real performer.

At f/1.4, I can shoot in a dark room and get results like this.

Oooh, have I mentioned I love the bokeh (blurred background effect) too?

Unless I’m in a place where I can’t move to shoot, this lens is practically permanently attached to my camera now.



  1. wow, nice piece of glass there. 😀

  2. thanks! yes, it is a very nice piece of glass. I’m shooting with it practically all the time now. :-)

    • Hi Bing

      I love all your pictures! I re read your post on “Why you should not buy a DSLR” so many times before I went out to buy EOS650D! And I am having so much fun with it :) I am thinking of buying a lens besides the current one (EF S18-55 IS II) that comes with it. Can I ask for your advice on what you would recommend?


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