Stuck in the Wilderness :
Part 2 – Trekking through the forest.

Abel Tasman National Park is famous for its beauty. Unfortunately, the only way to see it is to trek through it.

There are only 3 things to do in this place – trek, kayak and go on a cruise.

And because the forest promised so many beautiful secrets, we bravely embarked on trekking through some of it.

It was a truly amazing forest. We found ourselves stopping constantly to admire the flowers, trees and insects. Even the canopy was intriguing and mysterious.

There were well defined paths through the forest, and it was dry and easy to walk on. Although the routes were very long (it’s a huge forest!), every once in a while we would stumble on a view like this –

And we would go a little crazy, and use our remote control and camwhore with a DSLR. Hahahaha…

I have deliberately left the above picture as it is straight from the camera. No adjustments on tone/exposure to reduce the harsh light. That was how strong the sun rays were.

We landed on Goat’s Bay on Day 1, and ended up picnicking on this gorgeous quiet beach. When you see the sand, you’ll know why they call these beaches golden beaches. The sand really does look golden.

More later…

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  1. wha! now even got couple trekking outfit! haha

    • Oh! Hahaha.. that was not intentional! I was actually wearing a really light sundress with shorts. Started on the walk & realised I looked too “gu niang”, with that auntie sun hat and all. So turned back and changed in the car to my sleep gear. That’s my pyjamas that I was wearing. Hahaha!

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