Home Photo Project.

When I read in Suet’s blog about doing a photo project, I was inspired.

It’s so simple.

Step 1: Find a photo shop online that will give you free trial prints when you sign up as a new member. I found snapfish.co.nz and they gave me 30 prints in 4R free!

Step 2: Find some wall hooks, pegs and string.

Step 3: Put it up!

Here’s the stuff that I started with –


Stick up the wall hooks, and tie a long twine string around them to create a line. Use the pegs to pin up all your free photos. That’s it!


I had selected a bunch of our cute family photos. And converted them all into black & white or sepia tone for printing. Lots of funny faces that will make us laugh when we see them every day.

Black & white photos kept the wall looking chic instead of messy.

It’s a brilliant way to get our photos on the wall, instead of letting them hide in our hard disks. We would have forgotten about some of these uber cute photos if we hadn’t put them up like this.

And no, I’m not a cheapskate. I did give Snapfish a good solid piece of business in the end. That’s for my next project. Coming up soon! =)



  1. you are right~ we should put out the lovely images and be surrounded with positive energy!

    • yeah! but to put out everything we have, I would have to start doing collages like you. =)

  2. Good idea, now if you need to move, they can all go into the suitcase. No more worries about big treasured items that may get damaged by the movers.

    • I love that they are portable. We used the 3M hooks. They don’t damage walls. So we can shift the location of these to wherever we like, whenever we like. Haha..

  3. wow nice! ;D

    • Do it for your bedroom wall too! Put OUR photo up. Haha..

  4. Brilliant idea.. I’m gonna do mine too ^^

  5. that’s quite a nice way to decorate the house.. with photos! i think i will do that when i own my own house one day.. thanks for the inspiration! =)

    • yes, it’s really chic looking on our wall now. I love it! =)

  6. btw i think i didn’t mention yet that i enjoy reading ur blog… the sweet sharing moments u’ve got with splendid photos! and the hanging of the photos is creative and looks pretty neat!

    • Thanks for your note, Lechua! =)

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