The Rules of Life – Part 3.

I wasn’t planning on writing about Rules of Life today.

But today has been one hell of a downer day for me. And after wailing for a while, I took a very long shower, popped a bottle of wine and sat down to face my woes again.

I know that there are many things in life that cannot be controlled, that are beyond my reach, that cannot be resolved with money, and cannot change just because I will it to.

But knowing that doesn’t make things easier when they are hard. It may make it easier to move on or to get back up again. But it doesn’t make things easier to bear.

So today, I read and share Rule #28 – Life can be a bit like advertising.

You’ll never know from which bits of effort comes the best reward.

We have to keep going.. don’t lose heart.

Ok, just one more glass of wine and I’m done moping. It’s a large glass I’ve got here. It’ll take all night.

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  1. I hope the wine tasted good :) It’s ok to have a down moment and immersed in it for awhile. Just remember to swim up to take the air of reality again :)

  2. hope you feeling better after the large glass of wine, hugz hugz…………

  3. 我好想好想飛, 逃離這個瘋狂世界。
    那麼多苦, 那麼多淚, 那麼多莫名的傷悲。

  4. Hey, be positive okay? you are a sunshine girl, thats what my friend commented about you, when I introduced your blog to her, she likes your blog too.

  5. Thanks everyone. I’m alot better today! =)

  6. Thank you! I needed this today.

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