Fruit Tarts.

What do you serve for dessert when you have to feed all ages in one meal, from elderly to kids?

Something fruity, for sure. Something not so sweet. Something pretty.

I came up with fruit tarts.

Aren’t they pretty?

They were really easy to make too! I took plenty of shortcuts. But who cares? As long as they were delicious. Hahaa..

Tomo likes them too!

Click here for more photos + recipe & step by step tutorial.

Bing's Fruit Tarts on Foodista




  1. hihi!! im so glad i found your blog!!
    it’s awesome!! thanks for sharing!

    • aww.. thanks for such a nice note, Angela!

  2. Hi Bing,

    Shortcuts or not, these tarts are so so yummy! I think you should start a bakery!! Nice pictures

  3. Love the juicy colours! looks yummay!

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