Interview with the Singapore Blog Awards.

Most of the bloggers running for the awards have chosen to do their interviews via video, but I’m shy and I thought I might sound retarded on camera so I chickened out and opted for the email interview.

The good thing was I got to submit my own photo for the interview, so I chose a sunny and cheery shot taken by the hubby in Paris. I was drooling over chocolate & banana crepes.. that’s why the big smile. Okay, fine, you got me.. it was the Grand Marnier that was being poured generously on the bananas. *grin*

So, the original article is here. And I have a pdf copy of it here too. Have a read!

For me, this blog is a place where I lock down my memories and thoughts. Awards and advertisements aside, this is a testimonial of my life. I won’t have the ability to remember what I did (or saw or felt or thought of) today a year or two years later.. much less 10 years down the road. My blog is going to do that for me.

I call this dementia insurance.



  1. Hi Bing,
    I voted for you many many times. Your blog is one of the best among all the blogs and categories, I must say. You are very photogenic too! :) I like to see pictures of you in bright cherry smile.

    And you gave me the impression of a happily married woman. Of course, you are. You have a wonderful hubby and two lovely children.

    • Thanks for your vote and compliments, Emily! And yes, I do have a lovely family and I’m incredibly grateful for them. =)

  2. hey bing, congrats! have voted for u too :) keep up the blogging!!

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