A Fabulous Voice.

OK, I have a confession to make.

I have been stalking someone in cyberspace.

A girl, actually. *hee!*

Everyone, meet Tay Kewei.

Kewei is an up and coming local artiste and I’ve been following her career for more than a year.

She performs at weddings with my cousin. When I discovered her music, I was hooked immediately.

So, I had the privilege to attend a 3D filming of an acoustic performance of the songs for her debut solo album.

It was pretty cool. Making a film is REALLY hard. Lots of waiting. Lots of retakes. Rehearsals. Checks. Touch ups…

She’s good, folks. Check her out. She’s pretty and she’s sincere with her fans. I’m sure she’ll make Singapore very proud some day.

Here’s one of my favourite pieces. An old song that I have loved for a long time by Jose Mari Chan and Regine Velasquez. Kewei did a fabulous rendition of it in Mandarin with Christian Bautista.


Must support Singapore talent lah!

Aiyah, forgot to take a picture with Kewei. *knocks head* If she becomes superstar famous one day, a shot would have been worth millions! =)

But I did get a fabulous shot with my buddy who went to watch this gig with me. She’s a Kewei fan convert too!

Check out Tay Kewei at her blog and note her first ticketed show at Late Night @ Esplanade : Come Closer With Kewei.



  1. Hi Bing

    sounds like we followed kewei around the time frame, I really like her vocals and applaud her for her passion in singing. I have heard her sang live before and she is Really good.

    Cheers to kewei ! :-)

  2. Kewei’s voice is good! I first found out abt her on youtube..

  3. @ Kath – Yes, she’s really good live. Surprised me actually, coz so many artistes sound different live vs. recording. Cheers to Kewei!

    @ LJ – I stalked her in youtube! Hahaa…

  4. Love her voice! And I’m so attracted to this song when the radio station DJ was promoting it on air. HEART IT!

  5. Hi Bing,
    I dont understand Mandarin but Kewei is really awesome. I love her singing though I don’t understand her word. I played her rendition of “Please be careful with my heart” and my wife looked at me and asked me who is she.

    She is good!

    Thanks for sharing

  6. I love her voice!

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