I took this shot by chance.

And I like it alot. It speaks volumes to me.

It reminds me of life.

How we face crossroads in life and have to choose to go straight, turn left or right or go back. And regardless of the direction we take, the road is rough and bumpy. But it’s always beautiful and sunny at the end of the road.

Life is a perpetual struggle and the people who are happy are the ones who have accepted the bumpiness and managed themselves.

I write about alot of good, positive stuff in my life, but if anyone ever thought my life was a smooth sailing journey, he/she could not be more deluded.

No one’s life is smooth sailing. We are all on the same bumpy ride.

I refuse to be defeated.



  1. i like your analogy and cant agree with you more!

  2. Great shot! When r u going back to NZ?

  3. This is so true…..

  4. I love the pic! I love crossroads too, a lot of time, I found that it leads us to some wonderful and unexpected adventures! 😀

  5. “I refuse to be defeated.” – I like this!

  6. Yep! Fight the good fight and run the good race!!

  7. And that was a lovely shot, Karen. Well done.

  8. Thanks for the pic. It gave me a sense of déjà vu. Reminds me of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”.

  9. Hi Bing,

    Nice post..very true indeed.

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