The Sheep – Part 2.

I like looking at little lambs.

I can stand there all day with my camera, just staring at them.

They stare at me too.

But unlike me, they usually get bored with looking at me after a while.

And once in a while, they’ll sneak a peek to see if I’m still watching them.

Of course I am. =)



  1. Oh my god…
    They are just cute…>”<

    • yeah, so cute right! =)

  2. i am your slient fan and like your beautiful photographs so much.sometimes they give me smile.thanks!

    • Thanks Di. I’m glad they can brighten up your day! =)

  3. They are so cute! Like stuff toys :)

  4. Awww… CUTE captions! Love the lamb-at-you shot :)

  5. Best picts I’ve seen of ‘lil lambs! Even cuter than what I saw in real life while I was in NZ last year. :p

  6. I’ll go run after them and try to grab them for a big hugs.. haha

  7. Cute! I’ll not touch lamb chops for a while now.

  8. Nice photos! They are really cute! :)

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