Why New Zealand?

A friend told me that he was taking his family to Australia for the 5th time. When I urged him to come to NZ, he said, “NZ is the same as Australia. And it costs more.”

I was furious!

Hahahaa.. well, maybe not furious. I’m not patriotic towards the Kiwis or anything like that.

But NZ is NOT the same as Australia. And this comes from me, who has backpacked in Australia extensively in my younger years and then spent the last 2 years in NZ.

If I ever forget what a spectacular place NZ is. I look at this picture.

Lake Pukaki, South Island. Photo shot in Nov 2009.

Click on the photo for a larger view.

Have you noticed that it’s also the background of my website’s header? =)

I swear you will immediately feel your life is great once you see something like this in real life. Even if you’ve had shit in your life all year, you’ll feel like the luckiest person on earth to stand in front of such magnificence.



  1. i guess some folks are just plain comfortable with what they are used to and not wanting to venture out to see more.

    BTW, nice picture you have taken, it is really breath-taking.

    • Thanks luvpeacejoy, it’s my fave pic that I’ve shot of NZ. =)

  2. Yes, NZ is also very amazing with breathtaking scenic too! 😉 I’m also always pestering my hubby to NZ again…

    • When my husband’s stint is over here, I bet I’ll be pestering him to come to NZ again too! =)

  3. Yeah, they are not the same and my heart goes to NZ too.

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