Tomo & Family.

I’m sure everyone has met and love Tomo.

I know everyone thinks he’s mighty handsome. In fact, Tomo’s so popular these days that he gets as many fan mails as I do! Haha..

You think he’s cute.. but did you know that he has a huge family of brothers and sisters that are just as cute?

Everyone, meet Tomo’s entourage.

Everyone in Tomo’s family is cute. When I had first seen them, it was a really tough decision to pick Tomo among them to be my constant companion.

All of them are just as agile as Tomo. Their heads can turn. And they can raise their arms to shout “Yeh!” too.

And just like Tomo, every single one of them has a special backside.

I hate that there are 12 of Tomo’s siblings that haven’t found nice homes.

So, I’m going to give them to my dearest readers. Each one of them will go to 12 lucky readers. This is my little way of saying Thank You for your support for this blog. I hope you provide a nice home for the little one.

All you have to do is to Leave a Comment on this post and tell me –

Why do you like my blog?

You can leave an anonymous name, but please ensure the email address you provide is a genuine one so that I can contact you if you win. Email addresses entered are only visible to me.

Everyone, regardless of physical location, can enter. But only ONE entry per reader, please. Sometimes your comment may get caught accidentally by my overly sensitive spam catcher and doesn’t appear immediately. Don’t worry, I’ll bring it back to the right place shortly.

The cut-off for this give-away is Wednesday 22 Sep 2010, 11:59pm Singapore Time UTC+8. Results will be published the next day.

The 12 winners will be picked with the Random Number Generator.

Good luck!!

The little ones make great mobile phone charms. Even if you are a guy, win this for your lady and I guarantee you’ll get a big kiss from her in return!




  1. I like because you are truthful!!!

    I want to win!!!

  2. (ok im gonna try my luck!)

    because its a good way to keep in touch with someone 5000 miles away from me! well, that was a rough estimate :)

  3. We blogging for a same reason…
    Coz we also like to show off…XD

    Hope can show off with this Tomo in my blog nx time…>”<

  4. Your blog is a wonderful showcase of your life revolving around a lovely family and anything under the sun or moon. 😛

    • hey bing, i filled up the wrong email addy in the prev comments. 😛 it should be without “ie” before the dot.

  5. Well….I love your blog because we’re such good friends! Even though we see each other once every 8 years or so, our friendship is still as strong as ever! I’ll repost here: True friendship isn’t being inseparable, it’s being separated and nothing changes. 😀


  6. I like to read your blog mainly because of those great photos that you took and of course, those interesting facts about you and your family and some other things in the environment that we can hardly experience. Your blog make me see and learn so much!

  7. I love your blog cause it’s great to read the experiences and perspectives of a fellow singaporean living abroad. And I love the photos plus the awesome recipes!!

  8. Got to know your blog from the S’pore Blog Awards & had been following your blog since then…

    I used to set my 400D to Auto mode and after seeing the photos in your blog, gave me the inspiration to explore with the Manual mode, the results certainly look more satisfying :)

    p.s.Thank you for your advise on the 50mm f/1.4, I finally bought it last month, and I love it so much!! :)

  9. Reposting this >>>

    Your blog is a wonderful showcase of your life revolving around a lovely family and anything under the sun or moon. :)

  10. I like coming back again & again to look read about the mighty tutorials on photography/Photoshopping, or the mouth-watering food which is always made into easy step-by-step guides (even printable version? Come’on! What’s there not to love?) and simply, looking at gorgeous photos.

  11. Hey Karen, pick me, pick me… :-p

    Because you are the one and only blogger I am following.

    You need only a comment? I can still provide more if you need me to. hee… 😉

  12. Very simply, like I had said before, your blog is so ‘sunshiney’. Reading it puts a smile on my face.

  13. I just started reading your blog and I like it because of the alternative viewpoint on parenting and photography related stuff cos I am quite the shutter happy geek!

  14. Refreshing and different topic every time I read. I also like you photos very much :)

  15. I have to say enriching, entertaining and refreshing are the reasons to why I like your blog.

    The way how you post your thoughts individually in each post makes it very light-hearted to read. Even if the topic might sound very heavy, you always know how to make it less serious but still able to bring the point forward.
    How you look at life, around your family, passion, things around you… is refreshing and teaches each readers, who chance upon your site, something… and get hooked.

  16. Your blog gives me access to your 精彩 life and room for imagination ……… while I am stuck here in the rat race……. Thanks for filling this emotion need

  17. Because your blog is simple & nice. Your post are straight to the point and easy to read. and you update quite frequently. and the pictures you take are nice (but not OVERDOSE with pics). Lastly, no advertorials!! (at least i don\’t see it, or if it is an advertorial, i don\’t feel like its one).

  18. I wan i wan! I love the way yr pics are taken and also your stay in a foreign country too! 😉

  19. Just because your blog is very down to earth, with a subtle touch of the “singaporean lingo” in a foreign land making it even more enjoyable to read. Most importantly, the love factor that focus on family togetherness.

  20. I read your blog to fill my boring time and try to find inspiration. Yes i am looking for some inspiration bout what i’m gonna do with my life. Since graduated from university early 2009 until today, it seems i lost my purpose for life and just thinking ” what should i do? ” every single day.

    Luckily, there are your blog and other blogs out there that makes me think ” people out there seems to be enjoying their lives” and i enjoy reading how do you fill and enjoy your daily life.

  21. I like your honest writing, and I admire your ability to cook, write, and shoot so well…

  22. “every single one of them has a special backside” … that made me grin.

    Why I like your blog? Because I like your attitude and I like to hate myself for looking at your photos of yummy food in the middle of the night and go ‘argh!’

  23. Your blog is humble and inspirational. I love the way you design the blog’s layout – It’s nice, simple and clean. I love your pictures, personal thoughts/wisdom (sometimes they really do knock some senses into my head), life story, recipes and writing style (I like the way you incorporate humor in your writing). Ummm.. I think these are why I read your blog and keep visiting it e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. since I accidentally bumped into it few months ago =)

  24. I especially love your cooking blog, Bing. 😛 I love your photographs, and your tips and techniques in producing great pictures. Also you tend, to make us laugh with your stories, and jokes, and it shows what a wonderful being you are. :)

  25. I love your blog because its full of nice pictures and you write about your experiences. I just saw your blog through nuffnang and your pretty picture just strikes me.

  26. cos I find your step-by-step cooking receipes really useful! they come complete with pictures :)
    thank you!

  27. Hi, I chanced upon your blog n TOMO some months back and hv been ardent fan your blog as it’s true, simple and inspirational… I think i need a companion too, just like you..and be part of TOMO-BING’s Community

  28. Halo Bing
    haha, i’m not a blogger and i tot i would like to remain an anonymous reader for as long as i can but Tomo’s slibings (especially the transparent one) are too attractive, decided to be enticed 😉

    I came to know your blog thru’ Leonny’s oureverydaythings (eerh i’m also her anonoymous follower) when she blog about the Spore Blog Awards & i’m glad to know you thru your blogging. You are simply inspiring. The unreserved sharing about your life encourages me, they are like sliverlining around the dark clouds when my sky are gloomy. Movitate me to move on…Thanks for that 😉

    And i also want to win


  29. i like the way u blog abt everything .. & ur pics too …

  30. I like your blog because by reading your blog, I could “de-stress” myself and through your wonderful photos of the nice scenery in NZ, I could imagine that I’m there at that very moment.

    I am so very glad that I found your blog and everyday, I’ll be looking forward to the next entry that you’ll be posting. It has become sort of an addiction! I sincerely hope that you’ll continue writing and your blog is a masterpiece!

  31. i love ur blog because we had the same objectives :-) I like your entries as you had a good sense of humour and reading them brightens up my day.

    i seldom comment does not mean I never read!

  32. Well, why do I like Bing’s blog ?
    It’s because she is special & different from the others !
    I like your style of writing…. & your photography skills :)
    You made me explore the world outside through your photos & blog. Your love towards your family is just too loving.
    It’s nice to read & sometimes, it’s funny.

    You’re pretty indeed ! I will always drop by when I’m on9
    Will never get bored reading your blog.

  33. Hi Bing,

    I started reading yr blog by chance. But I hv never stop bcos of my interest in photography. I know u will always have a new pic on yr blog for me to view and learn from it.

    Hope I can have the transparent tomo.. my 3yrs old girl will love it.


  34. Was directed to your blog when I was searching for a recipe for fried bee hoon. Has been reading it since :-)

  35. I came across your blog from the Singapore Blog Awards page! (:

    LOVE IT because it’s interesting and because of your gorgeous pics 😀 i especially like some of your posts tagged “life” cos they’re so insightful (: keep blogging! 😀

  36. i love your baking recipeeeess :)
    tried your cookieees and brownniess and it was a great hit among friends.
    hope to see more of your “adventures” soon : )

  37. I love cute toys..and hope im luck enough to get pick by the system :-)

  38. I’m being honest. I want your Tomo. I’ll wait and see if honesty paid.

  39. I like your blog as it motivates and inspires me to focus on the positive aspects of life instead of simply documenting the negatives! I remember you wrote that you have overcome many obstacles to get to where you are now, and you’ve been my role model in some way or another. Such a heartwarming blog with your beautiful photos and stories, never fail to brighten up my mood. :) Keep blogging yea!

  40. I like reading your blog because it brings me further than where i am. You lead a really interesting life and i enjoyed reading all the cooking, traveling and family entries as well! :)

  41. I like reading your blog because of the great shots you took, how you blog about your life at the other part of the world, your relationship with your families and also how you are meticulous in taking photos to illustrate how a dish was cooked (:

  42. Hi bing
    I chanced upon your blog fr my GF Ros’ blog. I love it cos you are very pretty to look at, you take beautiful pics and ur food looks super yummy!

  43. I like your blog for your honest blogging about the ups and downs in your life and the beautiful pictures that you take.

    Can I have one of Tomo’s siblings please?

  44. Simple – because you’re always interesting.
    Which makes me come back for more :)

  45. Great content, great photos!

  46. Why do I like your blog?

    I LOVE your detailed cooking tutorials! I can read it many times. And my tummy will be growling! It is weird but true. And I am going to attempt to cook for my boyfriend on his birthday with your recipes! Not only that, your photos are beautiful! And I like the fact that you LOVE your husband and his now your kids very much.

  47. Hi Bing, this is the first time I comment here haha cause I want to win. I read your recipe blog actually, and brought to your main blog and have been reading it since almost on daily basis. You took a very nice photo and from the way you write, you seems like a very nice and humble person. I like your honesty the way you put it on your blog. Blogging and still be your true self. Alrite, I hope I win ya. But no worries though. Thank you for this give away to your readers. You know you have a lot of secret admire haha. Good day!

  48. I love your pics and your generosity in sharing what you learn – cooking, pics and of course, life… cheers!

  49. Hi Bing,
    Just want to say ..Keep up the good work in blogging! Love your truthfulness towards life and of course the beautiful pictures you took!

    Most importantly, I love your cooking tutorials! :) Though I hv interest in cooking but I am not good at it and your easy-to-follow step by step is wonderful!! :)

    Keep up the good work in blogging! 加油!!

  50. Hi! I chanced upon your blog via blog award. It keep me coming back cos I like to see beautiful stuffs, read interesting stuffs and love to eat! Haha.. I love your step by step receipes!!

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