The Final Bits of NZ | 02

Muriwai Beach is one of the best discoveries we’ve made in New Zealand. It is one of the top must-see places in NZ that I have listed earlier.

This is just about the best time to visit the beach.

All the gannets have come back.. bless them! They’ve travelled all the way across the Tasman Seas from Australia and have come back to lay their nests.

We spotted lots of humping by the birds. It looked like a mass orgy. *grin*

And frankly, some of the birds were so badly “handled”, we thought they were being raped.. while the rest of the birds watched on. Hahaa..

See how the poor gal is being pushed down by the male gannet? It’s bloody rape!!

In a few months, the volume of birds here would triple and it would be incredibly beautiful. If you are planning a visit to NZ, make this a MUST SEE.



  1. Woop! That’s indeed a crowd of horny (ahem, had to blurt the word) birdies! Love the photo as always 😉

    • Wahahaa! They sure were horny! They were humping away madly..

  2. I am going to NZ this December, want to travel the whole islands!
    You have very nice photos, can’t wait to see them in live!

    • December is a wonderful time to visit NZ! It’ll be summer and the day turns dark only at 9.30pm! You’ll have lots of sunlight and can practically have picnics till it’s bedtime. =)

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