Visiting Soweto : Part 3 – Kliptown.

While we were at Soweto, we had the privilege to visit a Youth Programme and its developments.

It was called the Kliptown Youth Programme and was set up to provide support to young people in Kliptown, an area in Soweto.

I met with a young man, Mo. And he took me around and showed me how the programme worked and some of their facilities.

Almost everything that they have is through sponsorships by corporates and individuals.

The kids had a school-like compound. Where they played ball games and gathered for meals and entertainment.

  Shot by Heidi Lowe

A small container acted as a kitchen.

About 250 meals were served every day to the kids. They were cooking lamb stew and rice when we were there.

There was a small library of books for the kids.

Two years ago, thanks to a sponsorship programme, laptops were given to every one of the kids.

These are not old awful laptops. They are called XO machines and are really great. Running on Linux platforms, they have internet connectivity, webcam, SD card slot, USB ports and have a monitor that can be turned to convert it into a tablet!

Here’s an area where the kids can gather to watch TV. The TV was donated to them just before the FIFA World Cup started this year.

If you would like to contribute to these kids, click here to donate to them. Remember to select “Kliptown Youth Programme” when making the donation.

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  1. I’m impressed with the XO machine!

  2. can i donate my ibook to them?

    • are u serious? do you have the specs? i can contact them and see if they would like it. I can pick it up from you to pass to them when I’m in Singapore next time.

  3. its ibook G4 12 inch. i bought the macbook pro and now the ibook became a white elephant at home. let me know if its not too much of a trouble.

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