Beef Rendang.

After a few visits to several different supermarkets, I’ve finally fully stocked my kitchen and it is now ready for some action. =)

One of the first dishes I’ve made since I started cooking again is Beef Rendang. The beef in South Africa is fresh and of good quality, so I made a simple version of beef rendang and it turned out great.

I’m not a purist in the kitchen. I enjoy taking short cuts in cooking and my personal style is to keep it simple and delicious. That’s how I stay motivated to cook almost every day and never feel tired of it.

Having a dish washer also helps, of course. Hahaa..

CLICK HERE for the rest of the photos and the step by step tutorial for this.

Bing's Beef Rendang on Foodista



  1. Oh yes! I can’t imagine life without a dishwasher anymore.

    • I know! I love how we can host a huge dinner party till almost midnight and I don’t sweat over the dishes at all. It takes care of everything while I sit here and go online. Hahahaa!

  2. just wonder why cover pot loosely instead of cover tight?

    • The moisture dries up faster and the rendang thickens nicely that way. With a closed pot, the moisture will remain in the stew. Unless you use thick coconut CREAM, instead of milk, then you can keep the pot loosely covered.

  3. Indonesian (Padang) Beef Rendang is quite different in ingredients, but has the same name. Indonesian Beef Rendang is hot and spicy.

    • Oh, I am so not authentic in cooking. With all the short cuts I’ve taken, I’m just being brave still calling it rendang. My husband says I have to cook it down to almost “frying” it, then it would be like real rendang. Hahaa..

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