Bryanston Organic Market.

One leisurely Thursday morning, I met a bunch of girlfriends at the Bryanston Organic Market and just lost myself there. I didn’t leave until it was closing time!

I had thought it would be a casually put together pasar malam kind of set-up. But no no, it was a very thoughtfully put together establishment. There were rows of stalls selling all kinds of art.

There’s a section of the place selling organic produce and fine-quality cheese, coffee and health foods, but the most appealing bits for me were the arty stuff.

I saw some beautiful strings of beads.

And some beautiful wood work.

Miniature toys.

Breakfast al fresco style with my friends.

One of the best things about being a housewife is having the time to enjoy things like markets on a weekday. And every time I have time like this for myself, I always feel blessed.


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