What I Like To Shoot.

People often ask me what I like to shoot. And I would be stuck for an answer.

I don’t really know.

I guess I like to shoot everything that’s pleasing and interesting to the eye. I know some people who enjoy shooting macro, like insects and bugs. Some friends like to shoot birds. Some like flash photography. Some like portraits. But for me, I kind of like a little of everything.

When I had first invested in a DSLR, I had mostly wanted to use it to shoot the kids. I invested in a very long telephoto lens so that I can capture their expressions without their knowledge. And over time I realised that I like catching children in serious moments.

Our Boy

I love it when our kids are cheery and cheeky, but I also love that with my camera, I can capture these moments of thought.

Our Girl

Shooting kids when they are completely unaware is a challenge and extremely rewarding.

Here are my friends’ kids -

4 Good Friends

I love all the shots of them looking pensive.

Hmm.. perhaps that’s what I like to shoot. Serious children. =)