Arts On Main : 12 Decades Art Hotel Part 2

Continued from Arts On Main : 12 Decades Art Hotel Part 1..

Here are some more interesting rooms that I saw.

Room #1966-1976. This room explored the history of a building called the Carlton Centre in Joburg.

Back in the decade of 1966-1976, the Carlton Centre was one of the very few places in the city where inter-racial socialising was permitted. The layout of the room represents the Carlton Centre’s 360 degree viewing deck over Joburg.

It was a lovely black and white room.

Weird part was, although the rooms were elegant, the external view wasn’t always so interesting.

I noticed fittings all over the building in their raw condition.

Step into another room.. Room #1896-1906 to be exact.. and be wowed again.

There was lots of Asian influence in the design to illustrate the significance of the Asian labourers in that era.

I loved the old fashioned windows.

Last room that I saw – Room #1886-1896.

This one was pure arty farty. I loved the stark white.

The design of this room reflected on the need to have both historic and modern relevance in order to create a bright future for the country.

I want to go back there and check out the rest of the rooms!