Be Generous. Don’t Count The Pennies.

Between me and the hubby, he’s definitely the more generous one.

When I give, I tend to measure if it’s worth it or not. But the hubby is always willing to be the one who gives.

To the hubby, he focuses on the big picture. He doesn’t count the pennies. He doesn’t mind being short changed a little. He doesn’t mind giving. He doesn’t mind even being taken advantage of sometimes.

Perhaps that’s why in many ways, he’s an easier person to get along with. He’s calmer. And he’s definitely a more peaceful person.

I found this picture of the hubby in my shots. And it was a picture of him buying popsicles for a bunch of kids in Hillbrow, a very rough neighbourhood in Johannesburg.

We had just met these kids and taken some pictures of them. It was his way of giving back after the joy we’ve had from the kids. The kids were so happy and excited to pick out the flavours they liked.

I have to like the man I married. And this is one of the reasons why I like him so much.