Good Places To Eat At In Hong Kong.

How is it possible that 2 gals + 1 guy can spend 4 days EATING in Hong Kong/Macau? What is so nice to eat there?

We were so busy eating.. we forgot to shop. Until the last few hours before we departed. Haha..

Here are some of the places that I know.. and won’t hesitate to go again when I make my next trip to Hong Kong. If you like food spots hopping like we do, then share the meal at every location instead of eating a full meal. The rule of thumb is always reserve space for the next stop. Just in case.

The pictures were taken in both 2009 and 2011.

Here we go –

粗菜馆 (Cho Choi Koon)
10 Jordan Road, Jordan

Clog your arteries with Pork Lard Rice and lots of Chinese dishes. Don’t go “bleh” at the pork lard too quickly, I guarantee you’ll be pouring that liquid lard faster than you think into your rice. It is SO good.


Lan Fong Yuen
Shop 26, LG, Chung King Mansion (Woodhouse), 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Grab a snack of Pork Chop Buns and Milk Tea. Shiok!


Street Side Skewers In Curry Sauce
Look along the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui and Yaumatei.

Try some just for the experience of street eating!


Paul Lafayet Patisserie
Shop G23, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Indulge in the yummiest macarons, chocolate mousse cake and crème brulee here.


麦文记 (Mak Mun Geh)
51 Parkes Street, Jordan

Watch them dish out bowl after bowl of wanton noodles. You won’t be able to resist digging into one.


餐蛋面 and 餐蛋面包 (Luncheon Meat & Egg Noodles/Sandwich)
At any Hong Kong style cafe island wide.

This is the most common breakfast item for Hong Kongers. And is definitely food for the soul.


许留山 (Hui Lao San) Dessert Shops
Branches island-wide

When you’ve walked for hours and dying of thirst and exhaustion, hop into a 许留山 outlet for some mango puree with sago, bird’s nest and fresh fruits. Guaranteed to lift the spirits. It’s not the best dessert shop in Hong Kong, but it’s a fast and quick way to rest and rejuvenate.


发记海鲜酒家 (Fatt Geh Seafood Restaurant)
7A Po Toi O Ferry, Sai Kung

Eat live seafood just like what we always see in Hong Kong movies and TV shows. You get to pick the freshest seafood and they cook it on the spot for you. Must try – bamboo clams in black bean sauce.


泰之家 (Tai Zi Ga)
11 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City

Some of Hong Kong’s best Thai Restaurants are in Kowloon City (九龙城). This particular restaurant has very good crabs in curry.


Patisserie Tony Wong
74 Fok Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City

Small little shop, but the cakes are gorgeous to look at and delicious. There’s always a queue. We wiped out dessert even before dinner started.


糖朝 Sweet Dynasty
100 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Some of the nicest light eats in Hong Kong. Plus yummy desserts that are served with dry ice! So nice!


公和豆品店 (Gung Wo Soy Products Shop)
67 Fuk Lo Tsun Rd, Kowloon City

Come to this old fashioned little shop for very good 豆花 (beancurd) and yong tau foo (stuffed beancurd & vegetables) and chee cheong fun (rice sheets).


兴记 (Heng Geh)
19 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei

If you dare to brave the dodgey places, this place serves really yummy claypot rice and clams in blackbean sauce and oyster omelette.


莲香 (Leen Heong Restaurant)
160-164 Wellington Street, Central

This place is VERY popular. Reservations are a must. They serve very good cze char food.


Zoe Café
Shop 6 , G/F, Sunning Court, 4-14 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay

A very elegant place for a cup of tea and some delicious soft cakes. The cakes are really good.


川烧 (Chuen Siu) BBQ Restaurant
Shop 10-12B, G/F, Block A, Windsor Mansion, 29-31 Chatham Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Eating at 川烧 is a delightful process. The meat is tender and delicious and most of the items come in skewers. Order their chocolate cake skewers for a special treat!


My favourite thing to do/eat is have champagne brunch at –

Kitchen Restaurant, W Hotel
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon

The spread is to die for. And the view is just spectacular. It’s a lovely lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your friends. If you have a room upstairs, be prepared to drop stoned in bed for a while after the meal. Hahaha.. Major thumbs up for this.


One of the nicest snacks I’ve had in Hong Kong is –

Ireland’s Potato
518 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay

Crispy seasoned fries with a sweet honey mustard. You can’t stop eating once you start. You’ve been warned!


This is added on 21 Jan 2012. We recently went to Hong Kong again and discovered one of the best places we’ve ever eaten in Hong Kong. I blogged about it with a full post here.

It’s called The Grill Station and they serve the yummiest yakitori style food!

The Grill Station
14 Gresson Street, Ground Floor, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

[UPDATE on 12 February 2012 – Grill Station updated in the Comments section below that they’ve lost their space and are looking for a new place to relocate to at the moment.]

Everything was superbly grilled, fresh and so so tender. We had foie gras that melted in our mouths with sweet grilled pineapple. Never ending flow of skewers of asparagus wrapped in angus beef and in pork belly, king prawns, super tender tuna, corn on the cob with teriyaki sauce and cumin (yuuuummmmm…), mushrooms, ox tongue (yucky thought but so delicious!).. and so much more..

And then, not forgetting some good eats in Macau

南屏雅敘 (Nam Ping) Restaurant
85 Rua De Cinco De Outubro 十月初五街, Macau

Have you ever had a toasted sandwich with an egg omelette THIS thick? It’s so niiiice to eat.


After a salty meal, head for a cup of ultra smooth coconut, yam or chocolate ice cream at –

洪馨椰子 Hong Heng Cocos
14 Rue Da Tercena, Macau

This shop has been around for decades. Their coconut ice cream is extremely fine and creamy. It’s ideal if you like a light, yet creamy ice cream. I like rich ice creams so this was delicious but the texture was too light for me.


One of my favourite things to eat in Hong Kong is steamed milk custard. I like mine with red beans and eat that everywhere that serves it. Most cafes do it well since it’s a very common dessert in Hong Kong. This one was from Macau at –

保健牛奶公司 (Po Kin Milk Company)
4 Rua da Felicidade, Macau

Silky creamy milk pudding. It’s like panna cotta but way healthier. I love the red beans on top.


翅客 (Chi Hak) Sharksfin Restaurant
32 Rua da Felicidade, Macau

Indulge in a luxurious claypot bowl of sharksfin in chicken broth. You’ll slurp up every drop of soup.


Yeap, I know.. we really know how to eat. =)



  1. I got new places for you girls to indulge yourself! When are u all ready again to start your engine? wahahahaha

  2. Hi, me and gf also a food lover, we travel at least once a year to HK for eat eat shop shop, but places we eat are totally different from yours, its time for us to try out some new places now, thanks for sharing this blog.

    • There are SO many places to eat in HKG.. i think it’ll take MANY trips to cover it all. =) Haha…

  3. Thanks for sharing all your food haunts. I always go 糖朝 when I am in Hong Kong. I can’t wait to try out the other places that you recommend.

  4. There is only one thing better than shopping in Hong Kong, and that’s eating. From small noodle joints to upscale French restaurant, you will locate all sorts of restaurant, eating hall and snack stall on earth in Hong Kong. Here I found small amount of Hong-Kong-styled snacks online ( This is definitely a good choice before I have $ for another trip.

  5. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I’m going to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks time, and am getting pretty excited about all the things to see and do (and eat)!

    • Hi Caroline

      Thanks for your note! Have a blast in HK. I love it there. I always eat so much good food that I don’t want to leave!

  6. Karen! Guess what I chanced upon while looking for places to eat in hk… Heading there next month! Can’t wait :)

  7. Damn, I need to get back to HK….fast *drool*

  8. Ooo, could you let me know where The Grill Station’s new location would be? So they are closed for now? I am heading back to HK in October! Thanks for the wonderful blog. Do you happen to know the exit on the MTR to head to Hing Kee on Temple Street and do you know their hours? Thank you.

  9. Is this the same place?
    There’s an address being mentioned in that fb page link.

  10. Nice write up. I’m in HK now in the TST area and I’m about to go out for a bowl of shrimp dumplings and noodles for breakfast in one of the small local eateries. While I’m there, I’ll also get some of their dim sum too. Mmmmm.

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