Help The Alexandra Boys.

There’s an area near where we live called Alexandra. From the first day we arrived here, we’ve been told to avoid it.

That’s because Alexandra is a township. And like many townships in South Africa, they are black dominated and have poor living conditions. Alot of the crime and violence in South Africa occur in townships.

So when my friend, Sine invited me to watch a baseball game played by boys from Alexandra, I was intrigued.

And the match was where I met this bunch of energetic, happy and determined young people. They have risen beyond their tough environments to pursue one common passion – baseball.

Did you know that batting a baseball is ranked as the hardest thing to do in sports? See article on this in USA Today here.

I stood there for hours staring at these boys hitting the baseballs like it was so easy. Those bats were heavy!

I found out that the boys have a passion that they did not have the ability to support. Baseball is an expensive game. Helmets, gloves, bats, gloves, balls, uniforms.. even affording the transport to matches has been a huge challenge.

We want these boys to stay away from drugs and crime, and to stay this determined and positive in sports. But how will they do it if they can barely afford any of the gear?

Fortunately for the kids, an organisation called Pitch in for Baseball has agreed to donate 250kg worth of helmets, gloves, bats, balls, and uniforms for the Alexandra team of 180 boys aged 7 to 18.

That’s great, right? Except that there is now a shipping cost of USD2,000 which they cannot afford and are lost at how to raise the funds.

My friend, Sine is spearheading the raising of funds for them (check out her post in her blog here). And I’m hopping on the wagon to help.

So folks, if you have read this far into this post, give a little to these kids if you have a Paypal account. Just a little.. even USD10 will go a long way.

Just press this button to donate. Leave a note under “Add special instructions” during the transaction to indicate that you found them from here so that I can thank you personally.


If each and every one of us donated just USD10, we would hit our target very quickly. So please.. help these kids fulfill their dreams.

Donate NOW!

P/S. The Alexandra boys won the match I was watching. It was a good, hard played game. =)