How Young People Earn Money.

The youngsters in South Africa are not much different from those in Singapore.

They have to go to school, and they yearn to make some money to pay for things like books, gadgets and partying.

We met two teenagers who set up a make shift stall at the Market on Arts on Main and it was a pretty cool set up.

They sold Boerie Rolls and Bunny Chow.

Boerie rolls are like our hotdogs. Sausages are known as boerewors in South Africa, so a Boerie Roll is just short for a Boerewors Roll.

The boys had a skottel braai (braai is South African for BBQ), which is this easy stylish looking BBQ plate. It’s super cool. And they cooked all the boerewors on it.

The boerewors smelt so good!

It was a really delicious boerie roll. We were so excited to eat it, we forgot to take pictures! Here’s what a boerie roll looks like –

Boerie Roll – shot taken from Lewis Club

Bunny chow is basically a small loaf of bread stuffed with curry. My friend said it originated from Durban and she was surprised to see it being sold here!

I took a picture with the boys. And caught one of them eyeing my camera. Hahaha.. Maybe now he wants to earn money to get a DSLR too. =)

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