Market On Main.

I’ve been fascinated by this area called Arts on Main in Joburg city. It’s located in the Maboneng Precinct.

It’s one of those places in the city that I tell friends who’ve never been there that it looks dodgey, but it’s safe and it’s very interesting. It’s a designer’s/artist’s/musician’s and even a photographer’s paradise.

You can never get bored there. Even an 8 year old kid started off thinking he would be bored, but was smiling by the time we left.

The streets are lined with art!

Right in a cluster of old buildings is Market on Main.

It’s a Sunday market and there are cafes, food stalls, vintage clothes/accessories, local designers showcase, little knick knacks, books.. lots of interesting stuff to see and buy!

I loved how it was a small enclave within Arts on Main, and it has beautiful architecture.

Go inside the building, and shop shop shop!

Jozi is another nickname for Johannesburg.

I totally agree.. Love Jozi!

Arts on Main is a unique blend of studio, commercial, residential and retail spaces, and is a hub for Johannesburg’s creative community to develop and share ideas.