Why Not A Photography Exhibition?

Last week, the photography club that I often take pictures with put up a really great photography exhibition in the arty farty hotel that I liked, the 12 Decades Hotel (see my earlier post on the hotel here).

When I was at the exhibition, several of my club mates asked me why I didn’t submit my photos for the exhibition.

Well, I’ve never felt that my pictures were good enough for an exhibition. A blog, yes.. after all, I DO own this space and can technically tell people to get lost if they said my photos suck. But an exhibition was a different matter. I’m too shy to put my work up there big big for people to scrutinise. Besides, I think the other club members produce way better pictures than I do and are more deserving of that space.

I can have lots of excuses for things when it suits me. Haha.

But anyway, I came home and looked through my pile of shots and started wondering.. IF I had participated in the exhibition, what would I have submitted for it?

I’ve picked a few shots that I cherish very much in my collection of shots of Joburg, and here they are.

The theme of the exhibition was the 12 decades of history of Joburg city.

This shot reminds me how welcoming South Africans are to visitors. The little girl was so warm and generous with her hugs.

A common sight in the less affluent segments of Joburg city. And seeing a woman do the hard work is not unusual too!

Love is everywhere in the city.

The sun shines on a hot afternoon in Hillbrow, one of the fiercest neighbourhoods in the city.

A sad representation of the violence that’s still very real in this city.

Spaces in Joburg.

Guardians of the city. They are everywhere!

The influx of foreigners have brought diversity and made it a multi-cultural society.

Graffiti is a big part of this city. Whoever painted the words “Stupid” was so clever. The first 2 letters “ST” stand for Street and are part of the street names that are painted along many street curbs.

The older city.

The iconic Soccer City.


I like my own picks! But even thinking of the captions took too long. I guess I’m not ready to be exhibition material. I’m still too shy. Haha..