Everyone Should Have A Blog.

I used to get very defensive whenever someone sees my blog and says to me, Wow, you must have alot of time to do this. Or You don’t have much to do huh?

These days, when I hear those statements, I would shrug it off and go.. Oh yeah, it’s good that I have the time.

Yeah right. It’s 4.30am Joburg time as I type this. My family is sound asleep. I’ve just spent a full day with them. We’ve visited 3 creches at squatter settlements. I’ve cooked two large meals. Hosted a dinner for a friend. Cleaned up the house and done the laundry. I’ve also processed a ton of pictures and posted 3 posts online in the wee hours. I fell asleep a couple of times on my keyboard.

If I have alot of time to do this, I honestly think I should be snoring in bed right now.

Writing this blog is a commitment. Every input that I put into this site is a memory locked down. I may not remember what I did today next month. I’ll definitely not remember what I did today six months later. And there’s no way my memory can get better in a year’s time. If I don’t have a blog, how will I remember all the great places we went to, all the good moments we had, all the amazing food we ate, all the crazy thoughts I had and all the little things I’ve seen and marvelled at in my life?

Whoever thinks they can remember stuff without a blog or journal is just being arrogant. And whoever thinks that not being able to remember past stuff isn’t that big a deal is being ignorant. I can’t imagine not remembering how I lived my life. And trust me, it’s really nice to be able to remember your life in great detail because you wrote it down. Ten years from now, I will read my own words and know I will have a small smile on my face. Our children will read them and remember how they used to be. They will have step by step recipes to all the delicious food they grew up eating. Our grandchildren will get to know us in a way that would otherwise be impossible. It’s practically making history.

When I first started a blog, it was the year 2006 and I had just had a failed relationship. It was a difficult time in my life and I had started a blog to write down my feelings. The blog was private and I loved being able to rant and use expletives if I wanted to. Eventually, I realised that a private blog would turn me into a negative bitch of a person if I didn’t have anyone reading my words and I said stuff carelessly without having to take any real responsibility for it. Just a few months down the road, I would look back, read my own posts and cringe at the person I had been.

Fast forward, and a positive public blog eventually emerged. This is now the place where all the most precious things to me are stored. And this is the place where my family and friends stay connected with me. Yeah, really, I love it when everyone in our lives knows when we were on the run and chased by elephants. I take responsibility for every word and every picture that appears here. There is nothing journalistic about the way I write or the stuff I talk about. I’m not a tourism board or a reviewer or a trying to teach anyone to do anything. This is just a happy place, that’s all.

Some days I write because I know I have family, friends and readers waiting for me to post. But most days, I write because I want to. I need to find the highlights of every day and write it down. I worry when I have nothing to write about. It means to me, that I’ve been living a life that was not worth talking about. Horrors! It would be time to do something about it.

So yeah, writing a blog is a commitment. It’s like having a relationship. Or having children. You start it, and then you commit to it. I wrote diligently even when I had a full time banking job and worked as many as 16 to 18 hours a day. You don’t write a blog because you have the time to. You write a blog when you want to.

Here’s my challenge to everyone – Last year on this very day of July 9, I was dressed for the first time by a big shot designer in preparation for the Singapore Blog Awards and I had an amazing experience (see post here). What did you do on July 9, 2010 and what was the highlight of that day? If you can’t remember, start a blog.

Alright, time to catch some winks before I wake up at 8.00am to bring 100kg of donated stuff to the kids in Kliptown. It’s going to be a full day. There’s Red Bull chilling in my fridge. =)

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  1. This post is really well and nicely put, Bing. Love it! You express everything that I also feel as a blogger. I totally agree and feel for you. Blogging is indeed a commitment and passion. I also feel kind of disturbed when people see me update my blog quite regularly recently and remark that I must be so free these days and have plenty of time for blogging. However, on weekdays, I blog at night (after I do my work) until late at night just to finish one post. I have back aches and really tired eyes after staring at my laptop before I turn to bed sometimes, but I am happy as I feel this indescribable satisfaction when I see one post is up!!

    And true, blog encourages us to explore life, live a worthwhile and meaningful life. I also feel miserable when I have no material to blog.

    :-) Jia You for bloggers!

    • Hi Christine

      It’s pure dedication, isn’t it? And I totally agree that blogging brings heaps of satisfaction. =)

      Jia you!

      xoxo, Bing

  2. I feel the same way (and perhaps because we’re all bloggers =)

    I now have 3 kids (a newborn too), no maid, and no family members to help out after I delivered, and yet I still blog regularly. Certainly not because I have so much ‘free time’. Like you, I often blog in the wee hours. But funny enough, I don’t feel ‘burdened’ by it. I blog (and process photos etc) willingly, because I want to.

    And yes, it sure is a commitment.

    • Leonny, I seriously don’t know how you manage 3 kids and a blog. It’s pure dedication and commitment. *salutes you!* I love all the stories of your kids. They are so wonderful to give you bright smiles all the time!

      xoxo, Bing

  3. As a blogger, I 100% support what you said! Keep it and don’t bother how others said. (Although sometime this may be very hard to do so.)

    Anyway, I just would like to tell you, I love your blog, very much. :)

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Sheue Li! Yes, it’s hard but I always try hard to ignore negative comments and not get beaten by them. =)

      Thanks for your support for this blog! ♥

      xoxo, Bing

  4. You expressed yourself wonderfully and proved your point :-) As a loyal reader of your blog, I fully support! I actually spent an entire morning one weekend, in bed talking to my hubby about your blog and how you opened my eyes to your perspective and way of life, living in South Africa, and so on. And your recipe blog especially, is brilliant!!

    Personally, I have toyed with the idea of having a blog, as you said to journal and chronicle events in my life worth remembering. But I do feel uncomfortable with posting too much information online especially in the age of (the lack of) privacy laws and other potentially unpleasant incidences. Also a tad private and protective and won’t want people having access to my photos, of family, honeymooning, and so forth – you know?

    What is your take?

    • Hi Grace, I wrote in private for 4 years before I went public. So I definitely understand your concerns. I don’t share anything that I wouldn’t share on Facebook, and I’m not so worried about people having access to my photos because well, honestly, I don’t think I’m that great or famous that people would stalk me or anything like that. I only share a very small part of my life, although it must seem like alot, if you read me every day. But honestly, it’s really just one highlight or thought a day. You really can’t know someone if you only read one bit of her life every day. So in a way, I don’t feel that exposed. I’ve actually written a post on this topic before.. check it out! –


      Thanks for the support, Grace!

      xoxo, Bing

  5. Hi! Been a silent reader. So agree w you in this post. Friends have commented that I am ‘very free’ too! Well, i blog mainly for myself. After 2 kids, I think I suffer from amnesia! Hehee! I blog to remind me the good times we had as a family! Yes, my children can definitely read about it when they are old enough! :) cheers!

    • Hi Brenda, yes, so much of my blogging is for the kids too. They can look back and remember all our good days together. They can see what their parents have done in their younger days and they can read all the serious thoughts that I’ve shared and hopefully learn from them. I can’t imagine them growing up without a piece of their parents. That’s why in so many ways, my blog is a family legacy. Keep blogging! Your kids will appreciate your efforts. =)

      xoxo, Bing

  6. Hi Bing,

    You are indeed an inspiration to me. :)
    Somehow similar like you, gonna be unemployed soon as i am relocating to another country ( I feel i am a true-blue Singaporean) to join my hubby for his work.
    Am feeling a bit sad initially as i guess i will miss all my family & friends here. But after reading your blog, i actually felt excited, haha.

    If i ever start to write a blog, the credit definitely goes to you! Cheers!

    • Hi Min, I definitely appreciate your apprehension! I was once there! No matter where you go, always know that it’s a blessing and an opportunity for you to see and experience a different culture. Not many people have that kind of opportunity and we must make the best of it! It will be hard, especially in the beginning, but I’ve found that a positive attitude will make every obstacle manageable, if not disappear. Have fun!

      xoxo, Bing

  7. U have wonderful posts & a great deal of energy. Keep it going. I don’t have much readers for my blog but it doesn’t matter because I like to write & it serves as a reflection for the events & happenings of my life, moulding me to be a better person. So yes, I can understand u there, dudette!

    • Hey Alicia! Yes, blogging must be for ourselves. I always write to self reflect too and sometimes to align myself to think more positively because the tone of this blog is positive and no matter how awful something was, it forces me to look at things in better light. =)

      Keep blogging!

      P/S. Molly is SO cute!

      xoxo, Bing

  8. Thanks for sharing something that is close to the hearts of many of us seemingly obsessive-compulsive bloggers. Capturing the key moments of my life – where I went to, what my thoughts are, the books I read, the insights I’ve gleaned – are what motivates me to continue blogging. Its more a question of commitment rather than time, since we all have many things that keep us busy.

    • Hi Walter, my husband likes to tease me that I’m obsessive-compulsive and addicted to my blog. But he doesn’t tease too hard coz he’s more worried that I would stop blogging or worse, delete this blog. He knows we would have no memories if that happens! Hahha..

      Keep blogging!

      xoxo, Bing

  9. Hi Bing! :)

    Did I just tell you how much I truly enjoyed this post? :) It speaks so well of my obsession and addiction to blogging and looking at the comments here, I must say this strikes a chord with most bloggers too.

    I once came across a blog entry talking about how blogging is similar to having a relationship… it takes effort and time to make it work and it’s something I can totally relate to. There were nights when I only slept at 3-4am, all because I was up trying to edit the pictures and complete a blog entry. Whilst it’s fun to blog for an audience (Always thankful to have friends and readers who enjoy my blog), it’s more important to blog for oneself. To express our journey in life – the little and big moments – and have it all documented in a platform. Also, it’s a great way to see how we have grown and changed over the years. Looking back at my first few entries, it cracks me up to see how my writing style have changed over the years… sometimes, it can be embarrassing but you know, why should we delete those when it’s part of our past and us?

    That, is the beauty of blogging and I’m happy that you have wrote this blog entry which allows us to know that we are not the only obsessive-blogger out there! :p

    • Hi Steph! Yes, sometimes I read my past posts and crack up too. Especially the stuff I wrote in my private blog from 2006 to 2009. I whined like a juvenile. But it was my journey in life, just as you said.

      I love your blog.. so keep blogging!

      xoxo, Bing

  10. good post ! We write not for ourselves, but for our relatives friends, hopefully children. I started my blog with a Mission to capture and trace our kids’ milestones! Every few months when I lost motivation, I just revisit my Mission. I blog because I love to. Period.

    • Your kids are soooo blessed. Not every man out there would chronicle their kids’ experiences the way you do. *thumbs UP for your effort!*

      xoxo, Bing

  11. Sounds Great ….. a well written and discussion piece for victory speech ! for the coming week i hope. You deserved to win !

    • Skeno, you must have extraterrestrial powers. How did you know I would win? *wink*

      Thanks for the support!

      xoxo, Bing

  12. I write my blog whenever I want to. We forget times easily, but we remember moments. That’s why we write them on our blog, just like our diary.

    I really appreciate your daily blog and love reading it. Keep on blogging!

    • Thanks for the continuous support, V1olet. =)

      xoxo, Bing

  13. Hey fellow Bing!
    Great post, totally get your sentiments. I have started so many blogs, way back in 2000, and it’s such a warm feeling just recalling the friends I made online, and what I wrote about, not because there were fuzzy happy feelings, but it was nice even back then, reflecting on the day and getting angsty over funny things. My, have I grown! Or at least I hope so!
    Keep writing for yourself, and keep up the fantastic work with this blog! 😀

    • Hi Bing! You have such a cool name! Hahaha.. I have old blogs too! And love reading my old silly rants. It’s fun to see how we have grown, isn’t it? =)

      Thanks for the encouragement!

      xoxo, Bing

  14. Hi Bing,

    I resonate very much with you on having your memory locked down through writing this blog. Life is precious and every moment, be it good or bad, is worth penning down. Your blog has been a beautiful and warm story. It has opened my eyes to the world outside, your world especially in south africa. It has inspired me to do the same as i want to seal my memory in this virtual yet real space. I’ve started a food blog to share with all like you have with your blog.

    Continue writing and may it continue to bring out the best in you(:

    your avid reader,pearl

    • You must share your food blog with me, Pearl! And yes, every moment in life is precious and worth penning down!

      Thanks for your support. ♥ ♥

      xoxo, Bing

      • Hi Bing,

        Congrats to you for being the best lifestyle blogger of the year! Gotta learn the blogging attitude from you(: and of course. Would totally love to have you read my humble food blog. http://pearl-fectlicious.blogspot.com/

        I am still learning and trying to figure my way around food blogging. Hope you don’t mind me being a copy-cat doing the step-by-step tutorials as I find it lots of fun capturing each step of my baking process. It helps a lot when i read yours as well. It’ll be great if you can leave a comment when you drop by:DD

        Hope you had fun during your holiday. Congrats again!


  15. I took your challenge. I went to my blog archive. Turns out I blogged very little that month – nearest entry was when my BF proposed on d 4 July, and I actually completed the entry 4 months later and backdated it.

    I feel the importance of keeping the memories for myself. Nowadays, I try not to blog the negative stuff because when I looked thru the archives, I find it so sad that only the unhappy stuff are recorded. With my poor memory, I need the help of my blog to capture the happy times too. =)

    Enjoy your blog and your efforts with nice photography and words that actually got me thinking so much. Thank you!

    • Hi Sharon, I completely get what you mean. I don’t like to remember negative stuff too. It makes me sad and bitter. Let’s keep writing the good stuff!

      Thanks for your support!

      xoxo, Bing

  16. I somehow missed this post before. I’m so in your camp regarding blogging. It is definitely NOT something you do because you have lots of time. With four kids and a full life moving around the globe, I should never have time to do this. In fact, the busier your life is, the more there is to blog about, just like you said, and you HAVE to write it all down then and there, otherwise you forget or lose interest to write about it. So, if you meet someone with a good blog, you absolutely know that they have a very busy life!

  17. Really envy your kind of life and they way you look at life.
    Keep up the good work.
    Enjoy reading your blog. :)

    • Thanks Lisa. I hope you come visit this space often!

      • Hi Bing,read your blog while googling on Chong Pang Village.I lived in Naval Base/Chong Pang during my school days and beginning of my career life.I am not into blogs,not even facebook.However,browsing through your blog, it’s obviously clear why you won Singapore Blog Awards 2011-Best Lifestyle Blog.I travel quite widely on business but have never visited S Africa-Johannesburg.Will plan a holiday there.

        • Thanks for your note, J Tan! =)

  18. ur blog is my favorite..

  19. Hi,

    your Blog is amazing, Bing! Love it from the first minute i opened it. I just found it! I’m new expat wife in Joburg. Just one month in here. But i really enjoying to be here. Fter your inspiration I am thinking to start a blog also :)
    Are you still living in Joburg?
    Best regards! And thank you!


  20. P.S.: would be nice to meet you one day!

  21. You have such a nice blog! Thank you for being so inspiring and i wish you all the best!!!

  22. Wow,,this is awesome blog. I think I’m too late to find your blog. I got your website accidentally. I’m lucky. I just read many of your story recently.It’s very helpful and give me motivation and challenge. Do you always bring your camera everywhere and everytime outside your home? I think it’s too troubelsome. And you’re a woman too. It’s excited when a woman handle their own camera and able to do as a man. And you’re so cool. As a woman, I want to be like you too. But I’m still not confidence to shoot by myself. What time do you usually blogging? or do you have a special free time in sunday, for example; to blogging.I like blogging for pleasure too, but i’m not confident too.. thankyou so much for your time. I put your web adress on my social media, so I can open it whenever i want. thankyou and keep blogging

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