Klaserie Nature Reserve – Nzumba Lodge.

If you’ve followed my posts on our first safari trip in June 2011, you would know that we loved the place we stayed – Kitara Lodge at the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve.

In fact, we had such a good time that we decided that we would take our gal there when she was here. And this time we stayed at the Nzumba Lodge, which is managed by the same team of people.

Nzumba Lodge is less upmarket than Kitara but it’s just as wonderful and even cozier. It’s perfect for families or a honeymoon couple.

The lodge rooms are beautiful, just like Kitara’s.

Our bed was actually two queen beds joined together. It was huge! And it faced the windows. We got to wake up to views of the beautiful landscape out there.

There were TWO bathrooms. One with a bath and one with a shower. We didn’t have to share!

In the common lounge, there was a wonderful area next to a fireplace where we could sip a cup of tea or chill and read a book. Or we could hop to a bar stool and have a glass of champagne.

Below this lounge was a gorgeous dining room.

But meals were served in a different setting every day.

Nothing beats coming back from a wonderful morning game drive to this. Breakfast outdoors.

I swear, it was totally blissful sitting there, looking out at the animals and having a full cold and hot breakfast.

The view was like this –

Yes, if you spotted giraffes in the previous picture, it’s because the animals do come very close to the lodge. There was a large waterhole just right there and the animals came to drink every day. The next two shots were shot by the hubby.

When we rested in between game drives, we would play Scrabble and wait for animals to come to the waterhole. Precious family time!

The folks at Nzumba Lodge treated us like royalty as soon as we arrived. They even prepared a surprise breakfast in the bush experience for us one morning! It was really nice.

A glass of mimosa (champagne+orange juice) and the wonderful food prepared by the chef, Patrick (that’s him in the picture). We were in wonderland.

We had such an amazing experience at Nzumba and were so well taken care of. It was hard to say good bye to such pampering. They gave us an incredible bush experience, and I will share more on that later.

Our gal had the time of her life. Her favourite holiday destination in the world used to be Whistler, Canada. She said excitedly before she left, “This place is my new Whistler!”

We are definitely coming back again. =)

The Klaserie Private Nature Reserve is located in the Kruger National Park and has three different lodges. For reservations information, check out their website HERE. They are approximately 7 hours by car from Johannesburg city.


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