Painting With Light.

It was a very cold evening. But we were very excited.

A small group of photography enthusiasts were meeting up and we were going to make some “light art”.

We came to.. of all places.. a large trash dumping ground.

It was too dark for me to see what was around. Which was good for me, I guess. I could then focus on setting up my camera, remote trigger and tripod.

We had a huge bunch of sparklers and a laser light for this experiment. The last time we tried painting with light was at home – see Playing With Light, and it was really fun. But being in a huge open space with abandoned buidings as the setting was simply amazing.

Here was our first try with sparklers. A giant mess.

Our girl tried to draw a sun and a tree.

And then a house. We realised, Hey, this is not easy!

So we practised and practised.. and finally got it!

It really wasn’t easy writing words like this because we had to imagine how the letters would look like inverted and then write them in the air. It was difficult to gauge the distance between each letter, and write and physically move at the same time.

Making sure lines don’t cross when you don’t want them too was even harder.

But it was fun.. way fun..

And only got better as we got crazier and we had more quirky ideas..

Oops! There were ghosts!

And then there were angels.. haha!

We had heaps of fun. And decided to shoot a picture in the darkness with our friend doing angel hoops above our heads. Try standing completely still for 20 seconds. With a frozen smile and eyes wide open. Keeping still was very important because any movement would cause blurriness.

This was one of our best nights in Johannesburg. Very cool!