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Hey Everyone

I just got back from our trip to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, and saw the news on the Singapore Blog Awards.

Yeap, I won! I’m the Best Lifestyle Blog for 2011. Yippee!

It’s such great news to come back to, after having had no internet access for the past few days. The lodge manager took pity on me at one point and let me use her computer very quickly. It took forever to load a page and then before I could do anything, the power supply tripped! I was destined to be uncontactable online. Haha..

I just wanted to say BIG BIG THANKS to everyone who has supported this humble space of mine. And to everyone who has voted for me. Thanks to the guys at Omy, who have put in so much hard work to organise this competition. From the photos and posts by other bloggers, it looks like I have missed out on a great awards ceremony and party!

As the South Africans would say it – Sharp! Sharp!

I’m dead beat now and will recuperate with a good night’s rest and will be back to update lots. Thanks again, everyone!

xoxo, Bing

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  1. once again, congrats Bing! (: you deserve it! guess what? the GOH of the event mentioned your blog as he finds it to be very refreshing to be reading about the life of a Singaporean based in South Africa and he was calling out for you! :p

    • Thanks Steph! It was a good fight, wasn’t it? I’m honoured to win. I love your blog too. Thanks for the inspiration on shooting with my iPhone. I shoot so much with it now.

      Was the GOH calling out for me? *blush* I hope he said nice things! Hahaa..

      Keep blogging!

      xoxo, Bing

  2. Congratulations Karen – you deserved it! Well done.

    • Thanks for the support, Arthur! We miss you guys heaps!

  3. Congrats!! Was very happy for you when I heard your blog being called out as the winner! =)

    • Thanks Leonny! I’m thrilled too! It’s a hard fight every year. The contestants just keep getting better, eh? ♥ your blog!

  4. Congratulations, you deserved it! Well done my dear, 赞!

    • *blows kisses* ♥♥

  5. Hi Bing,
    I’m a big fan of your blog, and I’m so happy that you win. Congratulations, you truly deserve the title. Well done!

    Thanks for all your great posts and pictures!

    • Thanks Emily. I really appreciate your support!

      xoxo, Bing

  6. Congrats :) You put a lot of heart into the blog and deserved the win! Now time to celebrate…by cooking and posting more tutorials?? Lol, kidding.. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Grace! Argh.. you just reminded me that I’ve been lazy. Yes, I’ll do more tutorials.. sooooon. Hahaa…

      xoxo, Bing

  7. Congratulations! Your blog is awesome!

    • Thanks Lena! That’s an awesome comment from an awesome reader too! =)

      xoxo, Bing

  8. Congrats! You very much deserve it! Your blog is my favourite among others in the category.. I knew you’re gonna win!

    • Aawwww, Imelda, I’m floating. Thanks heaps!

      xoxo, Bing

  9. Hi Karen,
    I was happy for you when I read the newspaper(see you are so famous) that you’ve won the Best Lifestyle Blog 2011. Continue to write and post wonderful photos. Oh I love the Victoria Falls, you are so lucky! Really envy your lifestyle:)

    • Thanks Siew Lin! I don’t think I’m famous, but seeing my name in the papers thrills me too. Haha.. And yes, I’m lucky to see Vic Falls. It was truly amazing.. but don’t envy me, I have a dark side in my life too! =p

      xoxo, Bing

  10. Congratulations!
    You’re the best.

    • Thanks v1olet, you’ve been my supporter for like, forever! ♥ ♥

      xoxo, Bing

  11. Congrats, it is well deserved!

    • Thanks Lauren! Love your photos!

  12. Hey Bing,

    Congratulations are in order. Enjoy the honour :) I am glad that I

    voted for you and you really deserve this :)

    • Thanks for voting for me, Fiona! I really appreciate the support!

      xoxo, Bing

  13. yeah! very happy for you that u won! i’m yr fan!

    • Thanks Levine! I’m thrilled too!

      xoxo, Bing

  14. Congratulations! Keep writing! Reading your blog has become a daily affair.


    • Thanks CSeek! I love the support and hope you keep coming by!

      xoxo, Bing

  15. dear, you deserved the recog. your bloggings is my daily dose (just like reading newspaper is a must daily). so happy for you and keep up the good blogs :)


    • *blows kisses* Thanks Yammie!

      xoxo, Bing

  16. congratulations! i enjoy ‘following’ your life stories very much hahaha

    • I appreciate the support, zzzmadison. Thanks heaps!

      xoxo, Bing

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