The Big 5.. And More.

Everyone wants to spot the Big Five when they go on a safari trip.

The Big Five refers to the five animals in Africa that are the most difficult to hunt on foot. They are the most ferocious when cornered and/or shot at. And they are the African Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Black Rhino and African Buffalo.

In this trip, we were in great luck and saw all Big Five. But for me, the excitement of a safari trip is not just about spotting the Big Five, it’s about the heaps of interesting encounters and the other “not so famous” animals that we get to see.

Like seeing a male lion with an injury. He must have had a fight with one of the other five lions we saw.

My favourite part of a safari trip is interacting with elephants. This boy was upset that we had gotten so close. He waved his trunk at us and trumpeted for a while before we calmed him down. He then proceeded to show us how he scratched an itch on his back by blowing a chunk of soil dust on himself.

And that’s a Jumbo looking right on.. isn’t that a face straight out of a cartoon animation?

In a safari trip, it’s like opening a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re going to get. Just as we approached a water hole, a trail of huge buffaloes came walking to it to drink. It all happened right before our eyes.

It was a magical moment.

We saw jackals lying on impala dung to keep warm against the cold earthy ground.

And hyenas wailed loud and hauntingly in the still of the night.

The finale of our trip.. just as we were 2 minutes away from our lodge on our final game drive.. we bumped into a pangolin. The guides told us this was the rarest of rare animals to stumble into.

Our gal must have brought us good luck, because we saw so many more animals this time and at a much more magnificent scale too. She loved the trip so much that she didn’t wait for me to download pictures and videos from my DSLRs, she downloaded hers from her small camera and made a video clip immediately out of the videos she shot. Check it out –


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