The Pros And Cons Of Being A Housewife.

Everytime someone envies me for being a housewife, I remind them that life is fair. There is no one perfect role or perfect life.

We only envy others and want their life because we haven’t seen their dark side.

The only shot I have of myself at home, looking remotely nice.
I’m usually wearing greasy hair and sweatpants.

It’s not unusual. Most people don’t realise that there’s a huge difference between being a tai tai and a housewife. To the gals out there, be careful what you wish for. And to the men, be careful what your wife thinks she is really signing up for when you make her a housewife. =)

It’s not all peaches and honey.. and here’s why –


I have time.

I’m always available for our kids. They don’t know this, but I stalk them. Shhh…

I can pursue my own interests like photography, cooking and blogging.

We travel more because there’s one less schedule to fit into. I don’t have to apply leave to go on a holiday.

We eat dinner that’s not cooked with less than 3 ingredients, and doesn’t come from anything that is a packet with powdered flavouring in it.

The hubby has a reason to come home, because sweet wifey is waiting at home. Okay, more like wifey is nagging for him to come home.

We talk more. And bitch less. Trust me, when the woman has no stress, all the bitching and whining in the house stops. Period.

The home is a nicer place. There’s always toilet paper. The toilets smell clean. Laundry is done. There are fresh flowers at home.

I have the state of mind to learn new things. And rearrange everything by alphabetical order and height.

I ended my addiction to that blinking red light on my Blackberry.

I got my health back. No more migraines. No more gastric pains.


We have ALOT LESS money.

I can’t just buy anything I like anymore.

I have to look at prices of things when I shop.

We have to plan more carefully about our finances for our future.

Sometimes I get bored and become irritable. VERY irritable.

Sometimes I feel insecure about my own market worth. If I go back to work now, will people still hire me? *blows dust off my university degree*

Sometimes I get the feeling that people discount my opinion. You’re just a housewife. What do you know?

People assume that everything I own is paid for by the man. Grrrrr..

The kids want to murder me when I am so available to nag at them.

I’m not so cool about dirt anymore. Not when I’m the one who has to clean it later.

There’s no reason to wear sharp looking clothes anymore. Bye bye, pointy heels.

The housewife can will grow fat. It’s the biggest problem. We live too near to the fridge. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that vacuuming the floor burns lots of calories.

I am a housewife. And I started to hate housework. =p


Have a great weekend, everyone!