Me. In The Papers.

If you are friends with me in Facebook, you would probably know that a journalist had contacted me about 2 weeks ago to interview me on winning the Singapore Blog Awards. I had given her a hard time and the interview had gone awry. I admit I got a tad defensive when she started on the track on how enviable my life was. When she called off the interview, I was relieved.

The last thing I needed was an article that falsely glamorised my life in a national newspaper.

Shortly after, the newspapers folks contacted me again and gently persuaded me to give it another try. And this time, a much more professional journalist did a phone interview with me. We did the phone interview at almost 11pm. Singaporeans really work too hard.

The article was in a Singapore local street newspaper, My Paper today.

Click here for a larger version of this article. Translation in English is here.

I have to admit that I really like the angle she has chosen to focus on for this article. My blog is many things, but the one thing I am proud of is the community work I’ve had the chance to do here. Giving back has completely changed my life.

I’m also glad the journalist picked this picture. It represents alot of what life in South Africa is like for me. The previous journalist wanted to pick the picture of me in a helicopter. *faints* As if my life was all about helicopter rides! Duh.

One of my readers, Shinn has translated the article for me in English. She’s a darling! Check it out here. Thanks Shinn!

And thanks everyone for your support. =)

xoxo, Bing



  1. If I could help you do a little translation.. not perfect, but you might roughly get the meaning. Let me know if you need to know exactly which words mean what. :)

    Nice seeing the article and I agree that this angle of the journalist deserves a thumbs-up!

    “Many people envy Karen, they think she’s just plainly displaying photos and writing posts on her blog. Moreover, she could even go all the way to South Africa together with her husband to be a “taitai”, leading a colourful life and leaving the readers all green with envy. But if you read her blog carefully, you’d realise actually Karen, as a housewife in South Africa, a country with the lack of resources, is actually leading a much more simple life than in Singapore. Not like in the city centre, when you live abroad, your life is filled with challenges. You even have to fight for the saving of electricity and water because people in South Africa do not have the luxury of wasting such precious energy.

    Nevertheless, though it was hard in South Africa, Karen still ensured that her life in South Africa is enriching and fruitful. Through her simple life’s surprises and motivations, small little details when put together formed her informational and enriching blog. And this is exactly why she was titled at the Singapore’s Blog Awards as the best lifestyle blog.

    And also because of this blog, Karen got to meet many friendly and generous Singaporeans, beginning to give helping hands to the South African children as community work, for example, raising funds for the unfortunate children through collecting old clothings and assisting the children and housewives in handicrafts. If you’d like to know more about her overseas life and details, just pop by to”

  2. You’re most welcomed, Karen! The least I could do as a little reader of aka Karen’s life :) Keep sharing your enriching and happy life with us!

  3. I love the picture of you too!! :)

    • Can you imagine if they had published the one with me on a helicopter? I would have flipped a hundred times over!

  4. I read the translation and also your take on the first interview.. interesting how media can portray you or any situation for that matter the way they want and the impact can be so totally different. I found your blog yday thru Sine and have been glued to the Tomo posts.. such an adorable darling. tomo and you too.. :)
    I am going to need your help in terms of the community work that you do. I will email you the details in some time about that. for now, i just want you to know that I appreciate what you are doing and how.

    • Hi Tara

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I think Tomo has more fans than I do. Haha.. He is such an adorable little thing.

      We can definitely share on our experience in community work here. Please do write to me!


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