Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls.

This dish has been around forever but I really fell in love with it when we visited San Diego two years ago.

Our kids took us to this Vietnamese Pho shop called Cali Pho, that served the most amazing Vietnamese Beef Pho and Fresh Spring Rolls. They were so good, I found myself craving those rolls long after we’ve left the USA.

I finally decided to learn to make my own and have not looked back since. We LOVE these rolls and the peanut dipping sauce is just amazing. I make them all the time.

They have a really fresh taste, full of the goodness of fresh mint and basil, crunchy lettuce and savoury bacon and shrimp.

They are healthy to eat and great as a snack for a kid’s lunch box too.

Pay attention to the rolling technique. It’s not as easy as it looks. It took me numerous tries to master the art of rolling these rolls, but I’m real pro at it now. =)

So check out the step by step tutorial and make some of these rolls for your next dinner party. I guarantee your guests will LOVE them.

CLICK HERE for more photos, and for a step by step tutorial + recipe on how to make these spring rolls.


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  1. YES! This is nice! How do you make the peanut sauce?
    Usually,I bought from the canteen and with only 2 rolls, it cost $3.
    thanks for the recipe. Will keep it in check.

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