I ♥ Cupcakes.

I’ve always thought that cupcakes were a magical invention. Whoever introduced them was a genius. No cake cutting to serve cake to 12 people. No need to share. And that mountain of frosting. Mmmmm…

Whenever we are in Los Angeles, I must go to Santa Monica Boulevard and queue for these. Sprinkles cupcakes are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Some people think they are too sweet, but for me it was frosting magic. The softest frosting on moist yummilious cake.

My most crazy cupcake baking feat was when I baked 50 cupcakes for the hubby’s surprise birthday party a few years ago. There were 3 different flavours and each had their own special frosting. I almost died.

A homemade cupcake baked from scratch has more flavour, but it will never have that fine uniform texture that we get from the cakes from bakeries. Most bakeries bake with a manufactured mix that have emulsifiers in them. That’s why many cake mixes have that metallic chemical after taste.

So what makes a good cupcake? In my opinion, it must (1) look good, (2) is soft and moist, (3) has a strong, distinct flavour, (4) is sweet and smooth and lastly, (5) has no metallic after taste.

Today I tried some cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes, the new cupcake store at United Square in Singapore. They were pretty good and passed for Items (1) to (4) above. But failed miserably for (5). I could smell and taste that chemical aftertaste and the frosting did little to mask it.

The bakers did a brilliant job in customising their cupcakes to suit the Singaporean market. These cakes are teeny tiny, which is great for Singaporeans because a sickly sweet large cupcake freaks most of us out. Their frosting is more cream than icing sugar, which makes it very soft and not too sweet. And their box is PINK. Major points for the beautiful box.

My favourite cupcake is still from Sprinkles. But when I’m not in the USA, Twelve Cupcakes can satisfy my sweet tooth first.

Four cupcakes later, I’m now pondering if I should just eat the last two before I go to bed. =p



  1. Sweet couple there =)
    Featured your blog in conjunction of Blog Day here~

    • Thanks TianChad! =)

  2. Hello! There’s this baker in Singapore who doesn’t use any form of preservatives (from what I know).. so she definitely fulfills items 1-5 on your list! You may want to check it out.. https://www.facebook.com/BakedbyLace hope this was of help to you! (=

  3. gosh, i wish we had sprinkles cupcakes here in sg! they look gorgeous! if you’re still in sg, you can check out Cupcakes With Love too. they’re at tanjong katong and the owner uses her mum’s recipe for her cupcakes :) i’ve also been wanting to try Bakedbylace as mentioned above but haven’t had the chance!

  4. very cute cakes.. you can put up few photos for the making of cup cakes too.. Love your post..do visit my blog http://priyaaiyer441.blogspot.com

  5. Do I have the pleasure to send you out home made cupcakes to try when you are back in town? Our red wine double choc cupcakes topped with flavoired buttercream has good reviews. :)

  6. Great post! I think cupcakes rock as well, and are super yummmmy! Have you tried Swirls Bake Shop? http://www.swirls.com.sg they are the closest to Sprinkles you can get in Singapore since they are an American shop!

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