The Eureka Skydeck.

Some people have a thing for things deep down in waters. But I’m a sucker for views from high up.

Yeah, if there’s an opportunity to go up any tall building, peak viewing deck or ride a helicopter, I’m there. My dream is to go on a hot air balloon, but that’s costly and needs to have me up and awake at 5am, so not exactly high up on my To Do list for now.

When I saw the Eureka Tower, I was like.. niceeeee… now how do we get up there?

It’s 91 storeys high (+1 storey basement) and is a power looker. It looks like a commercial building for the big banks and law firms, but is actually a residential building. The top 10 floors of the building has 24 carat gold plated glass windows. Talk about class and power!

Check out the gold plated windows.

It’s a gorgeous building and from the Skydeck at the 88th floor, one can look far and beyond Melbourne city.

On a clear day, one can see the Art Centre and the Sports Precinct. It’s pretty awesome.

The management shared that a special section at the top part of the building was constructed with two gigantic tanks of water, so that it can flex to manage the fierce winds in Melbourne city. It has a huge team of in-house engineers to check on the building stability every day.

I loved it up there.

The day trip was actually my 2nd visit. My first visit was with the rest of the team and it was at night.

Eureka Tower is such a prominent building. You can’t miss it as you walk by the river.

The same view in the evening looks almost magical at night. Check out the Arts Centre again. It looks like the Paris Eiffel Tower.

And if you have an appetite for heights, check out The Edge at the Skydeck. It’s a glass cube that projects 3 metres OUT from the building. Yeap.. with people in it.. suspended 300m above the ground.

Photo credit: Eureka Skydeck

We could see moving vehicles below us. Our knees shook a little. =) It was like the Auckland Sky Tower experience, but higher and scarier.

The best time to go to the Eureka Skydeck is probably at sunset. Then you’ll catch a glimpse of the city in day light and then see the magnificent lights at night.

The Eureka Skydeck is located at Riverside Quay, Southbank, Melbourne.

The average cost of going up is AUD17 for adults and AUD10 for children. The Edge experience is an additional AUD12/AUD8 respectively. There are several deals available for students, pensioners and families.


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  1. awesome! What is your walkabout lens in Melb?

    • Hi Tara

      I usually shoot with my 10-22mm or my 24-105mm. =)

  2. Hey Bing, great pics? Have you been to the top of the Carlton Centre in downtown Jozi yet? You’d love it.

    • I want to go to the Carlton Centre too! But everyone tell me it’s not safe to go on our own. I guess I’ll rope you guys in to go with us when we are back! =)

      • Absolutely! It’s not dangerous at all as long as you know where you’re going. We’d be happy to take you.

  3. Thanks for sharing these Karen. I don’t have a head for heights beyond chair-level, so without your great pics, I’d never get to see this!

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