Cupcakes Make All Wrinkles Go Away..

I have an obsession with cupcakes like I do with macarons and panna cotta and creme brulee. On my last day on earth, I will want to stuff my face in cream cheese frosting, meringue and heavy cream.

Cupcakes make me happy because they are so pretty. And when it’s the perfect cupcake.. with delicate soft frosting and light moist cake.. it can make all problems go away. And if you eat enough, you’ll grow fat and all the wrinkles will be filled in too. Haha!

I wrote about my love for cupcakes recently, and a reader named Jessica wrote to me and said she loves baking and would love to bake for me.

I would be crazy to say no to that. Home-made cupcakes? Bring them on! Jessica writes a beautiful blog at and I discovered later that she is an amazing baker. She has an online store and she’s only 19! As old as our boy! Why is everyone getting younger and younger?

So Jessica arrived with a huge box and I opened it to see this –

I was like.. oh my goodness… no one has ever done this for me before..

I mean it’s screaming love.. and heart.. and soul.. seriously, Milo flavoured cupcakes with a camera on top.. giraffe faces (my fave animal).. and hearts and roses coz of the romantic I obviously am. I was so moved.

Remember in my previous post, I had talked about how I didn’t like the chemical taste of emulsifiers in most commercial cupcakes? Jessica’s cupcakes are au naturel with no additives in them. How you tell is from the taste (no chemical after taste) and the tell tale sign of a natural uneven texture of the cake. Cakes that have emulsifiers like lecithin added have a uniform crumb texture.

The cupcakes were delicious and really one of the softest, moistest ones I’ve ever had. They were so light that I thought they were baked with cooking oil. But no, it’s all good wholesome butter. Yummmm…

I would have preferred a stiffer frosting because I like my frosting SWEET. The best part about Jessica’s cupcakes is that she bakes every single one by hand and can customise to suit all needs. So she’ll definitely make my next cupcake with a stiffer frosting.

Shiok! But don’t just take my word for it.. ask my gal and nieces.. =)

And here’s the baker herself. Beautiful young lady with big dreams.

Check out Jessica’s cakes HERE. I am in love with the iPhone cake!!



  1. wow she recommended ur blog in one of her posts and i’ve been following you since! Love both of your writing styles!!:)

  2. I guess Jessica is living in Singapore and not in Joburg??? Those cupcakes look amazing!!!!!

  3. These look AMAZING!! How thoughtful the personalisation of the decoration was too. This girl will go places!

  4. I was really, really hoping that Jessica lived in South Africa. But it appears she is far away in Singapore. I’m very sad now.

    If someone showed up at my door with a box of 2Summers cupcakes, I believe that I would sob for joy.


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