Oktoberfest in Johannesburg.

The hubby loves beer but the local beer isn’t really great. So when our German friends invited us to an Oktoberfest party, we jumped at the opportunity.

We wouldn’t miss on a chance to drink some good old German brew!

It turned out that our friends stocked a ton of Erdinger, Paulaner and heaps more German beer. And they served a buffet of traditional German fare like bratwursts, sauerkraut and streuselkuchen. Yummm…

What a great party it was!

What was missing for me was German Riesling. Hint hint! =)



  1. hey bing (: u 2 really look alike with that big smile!! haha…….

  2. Ha, I’m taking the hint! Never occurred to me as I’m not a big fan of German Riesling. Much prefer South African Chardonnay. As alway, great pictures!

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