A Jacarandas Walk In Johannesburg

I’m an evil wife. The hubby works weekdays while I play. And come weekends, you would think that I would let him rest. But no, I drag him out to play too.

Especially last weekend. The jacarandas in the city were finally in full bloom. I couldn’t wait to go for a long walk to see them. I’ve been waiting for an entire year for them to bloom again!

Last year this time, we had just arrived in the city and I could see the trees but was too scared when we walked down the streets to appreciate their beauty. So this year, I wanted to go back to the same streets we had walked on before to enjoy the spectacular blooms.

These beauties are not indigenous here and were transported from South America like a hundred years ago and planted all over the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. We hear that they are considered invasive species and affect the growth of other native plants, so once these jacaranda trees go, that’ll be the end of the purple paradise. They ain’t planting no more.

So enjoy them while they last!

The hubby points me to more jacaranda trees.

There was a thunderstorm the night before and we had thought that the trees would be bald that morning. Turned out that they were still standing gloriously pretty, and they also lined the streets with a sheet of purple! It was beautiful.

I loved the reflection of the tree and the starburst in this shot.

The hubby collects some to have a closer look.

This is really one of the best times to come to Johannesburg. Even as one drives along the street, it’s a feast for the eyes to be surrounded by so much purple.

Yet one more reason to love Jozi. =)



  1. I call it Purple Snow. I remember as kids running around barefoot you had to be careful where you step as bees loved the purple flowers and quite often would enter recently fallen flowers on the ground. Don’t see many bees any more.

    • Purple snow is such a good name! I love that.

  2. In Singapore , we have the mempat trees ! They line the streets and when they bloom – oh my.. its like sakura here rows of pink in blossom … But its shortlived, you need to be watchful, cos another day, the trees will all go bare ..

    Sometimes we need to take some time and admire what NParks does…helluva good job really.

    Infact, its so beautiful, one condo project is planting 100 mempat trees and naming their estate 100 Trees ….!


    • I never knew we had such beautiful trees. Thanks for sharing, 昭婷!

  3. Ha – I beat you to a post once:-) I’m usually the slow one. And I even used photoshop! Thanks again for your helping hand, your photography posts have been absolutely awesome as I’ve worked my way through them.

    • No problem at all. I’m glad you’re enjoying photoshop! =) And yes, I’m being slow. Mauritius is frying my brains. Haha..

  4. those are gorgeous! love the photo with the red fences :)

    • I love that one too! It’s a sharp contrast, isn’t it? =)

  5. Ooh I love the photo of the petals in the puddle reflecting the trees overhead!

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