Mauritius’ Beautiful Waters.

The point where I started to like Mauritius was when we took a boat ride out. The waters were so so gorgeous!

As mentioned earlier, the hotel provided a suite of water activities. I decided to make the glass bottom boat my first activity.

Once we were out of the Grand Bay, it was the open seas and the colours of the waters popped immediately.

But the actual glass bottom viewing? Boring.. *yawn*

It turned out that the coral reef that the boat took us to was all dead.

We saw few fishes. Except for these black fellas.

And then the boat driver took out some bread and the fish came.

I was impressed by how fast they came and how hungry they were! Here’s me feeding a piece of baguette to the fish. They were silvery with dark stripes and basically the only real fish we saw up close that afternoon on the boat.

And then we were back to the hotel.

The boat ride left me very frustrated. I kept comparing this trip to my previous trip in Maldives, where the marine life was so vibrant, the coral reef was alive and we saw Nemo, the moorish fish, sting rays and turtles among tons of species of fish while snorkelling.

So the next moment, I was found in this position.

No, I was not dead in the sea. I was snorkelling and looking for more exciting marine life.

The boat that took us out for snorkelling took us back to the same (dead) coral reef. SIGH.

But at least we saw lots more. Not exciting enough to say that we saw something special every minute. But perhaps something special every 5 minutes. It really wasn’t fantastic. The hubby was out of the water in 10 minutes. I was still quite eager to see more..

I went out snorkelling twice and eventually gave up trying to see more exciting stuff. Perhaps we were just at the wrong spots. But that was the only location we were brought to.

It was still fun to go out to sea. I just wish we had a more fruitful snorkelling experience. Thank goodness I didn’t invest in a underwater waterproof case for my camera! There wouldn’t have been much to shoot. The marine life was so sparse.

Final post on Mauritius coming up. The hubby gets injured.. you’ll find out how and why..


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