The Real Relationship.

One of my friends is going through a rough patch in her relationship and it got me thinking of my own relationship. And all the rough patches that we’ve been through.

The hubby and I look like a calm, happy, normal couple. But which relationship is ever truly normal? Which real relationship hasn’t had its share of challenges and difficulties?

Photo credit: Namrata Singh McGroarty

We’ve stuck by each other through our toughest moments, the roughest, the ugliest and the most painful. And we’re still together.

I feel reassured every time I think about that.. that after everything that we’ve been through, what we have is like gold in our hands. We will always cherish it. And that thought will give us individually strength, courage and trust.


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  1. Bing – I love your reflections on life, love, and parenting. You’ve helped me so much trying to see what’s important, without getting sidetracked too much. Plus being realistic. As you said, what is “normal”? We all have our baggage and need to stop looking where the grass is greener somewhere else.

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