A Photowalk In Sandton

Sandton is the current CBD of Johannesburg. Here’s the place where you’ll find gigantic malls, fancy hotels, large banking boys like Citi and HSBC, and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

When the Joburg Photowalkers decided to take a walk in Sandton, I was a little skeptical. Would there be anything interesting to shoot?

It was a very dark and gloomy day too. And I had just attended a funeral. So I was in a bit of a sad dump and needed to get out of the house. I downed a glass of red wine and set out to snap some street photography in Sandton.

This is the Nelson Mandela Square. You won’t miss it if you visit Johannesburg. It has a huge gorgeous statue of the amazing Nelson Mandela.

Everyone came decked in huge bags of camera gear. I have to admit it’s usually a little stressful and exhilarating at the same time looking at all these people that seem so pro.

Namrata and I were possibly the only giggly ones in the group.

Walking around Sandton turned out to be interesting. The streets were familiar because we always drive on them. But once on our feet, it felt like a whole new closer world. I never noticed things by the street side till now.

I love this poster – Carpe the hell out of diem.. which means Seize the hell out of the day!

I loved the tall buildings and observing the lines and reflections. Check out the building for the Citi office in Johannesburg.

I had fun checking out people’s homes. And browsing street side stalls.

I loved the colourful flowers by the streets. We spotted mushrooms too!

And then it all got a little boring for me and I started doing floor shots..

And playing with my aperture settings to catch sun rays..

The sun set and we proceeded to a different place. I had a great time, and once again showed myself that one can shoot anywhere and shoot anything.. and still have fun.

More on Sandton, when the sun has set later..


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