Aerial Views

I’m a sucker for aerial views.

And every time I am on an airplane, I want a window seat. I’m not shy about it. I’m a woman in her 30s looking like a kid on her first airplane ride whenever the aircraft takes off or lands. You’ll find me with my nose practically pressed against the window, looking out.

I love everything about what I see out there. The runway and the mountains..

The airports and the airplanes docked there..

Clouds. Especially clouds. I love the occasional surprise of beautiful clouds when I lift the window shades in the middle of the flight.

The beautiful land from high above..

And my favourite view of all. Seeing Singapore..

The sight of home always makes me happy. =)



  1. The last one is my favorite. I share your love of the window seat, and well remember this view from the few times I’ve been lucky enough to fly into Singapore.

  2. i luuuuurve looking out from window in a plane too! and the clouds are like cotton candy haha

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