Roasted Mealie

While on the road in Swaziland, we saw several street stalls selling roasted corn. The locals call it mealie.

The hubby and I were fascinated. We got our friends to stop for us to grab some.

It’s a very simple snack that the locals do. They shuck fresh corn on the cob and then roast them in an open fire.

The corn smelled really good and was only R6.00 (~SGD0.95). But it didn’t taste that great. =p It was hard and slight chewy. Tasted a little like corn nuts. None of us could eat much of it.

The locals, however, love it. I think it would taste better if it was steamed first and then roasted. With lots of butter and salt.. mmmm…



  1. I agree. I also tried this in Swaziland and wasn’t impressed.

    • It was such a waste of corn, in my humble opinion. They really should steam it first and then roast it.

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