Fordsburg Night Market

The first time we visited Fordsburg was almost a year ago. See The Spice Route Walk.

At that time, I was amused that there was such strong Indian and Pakistani influence in South Africa. But over the next 12 months, we’ve gotten to know so many Indian people here that I’m not surprised they’ve built themselves a “Little India” kind of place here.

When friends suggested we go to Fordsburg for their night market, we were excited. It’s not every day that we can roam the streets of Johannesburg at night, plus we thought of curries, samosas and masala chicken and had already started to drool.

The market was like any other Asian market we’ve been to. Hundreds of stores set up under shelter or a canopy. Selling all kinds of stuff like candy, stationery, jewellery, clothes, shoes, ornaments, souvenirs.. and especially pirated DVDs.

But we weren’t here for the shopping. We were here for the food! And the food was nothing short of amazing. We attempted some street food eats.

My friends tried some Indian desserts

And a bunch of us also visited a juice shop to try some sugar cane juice. Our friends were amused that the hubby and I have had sugar cane juice all our lives. They’ve never had it before.

The Indians that extracted the juice made it real thick. In Singapore, we usually dilute it with lots of water and ice, and add some lemon or sour plum juice. The cups of sugar cane juice that our friends drank were literally cups of liquid sugar. It was sickly sweet. They didn’t like it at all! What a pity!

The best drinks turned out to be a combo of orange and sugar cane juice, or granadilla and sugar cane juice.

The rain came down shortly and we could not roam around so we hopped into the nearest restaurant by the market – the Swaruchi vegetarian restaurant.

The hubby groaned as soon as he realised it was a vegetarian restaurant. He’s the sort that thinks that a meal is not complete without meat. Haha..

We combed the menu for something exciting to eat. In the end, I left the ordering to my man. And he hesitantly ordered some dishes with weird names..

While I waited not so excitedly for our food..

What do you know? The food was delicious! We had a vegetable bryani rice, with a cauliflower & potato curry, and a vegetable masala curry.

We didn’t expect to enjoy a vegetarian meal so much, but we did! Every item was cooked from scratch, so the waiting time was longer, but the food was so fresh. We were very impressed.

Yet another lovely day in the amazing city called Johannesburg.. or Joburg.. or Jozi.. however you like to call it. We love this place.



  1. Hi Karen!

    I love Biryani!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can check out the recipe for biryani in my foodista page.

    • The recipe sounds amazing! It was our first time eating a vegetable bryani. We always had it with chicken. =)

  2. Great post!

    • Great night out too!

  3. Much as the vegetarian food was lovely, I agree with your hubby – if there’s no meat there’s no point :-) So tonight’s dinner is tikka chicken, to fill in the Indian meat gap! LOL!

    • Wow! Tikka chicken! Yummmmm….

  4. Hi

    I’m really keen to go to Fordsburg night market after reading this. So how do I get there? what street? where will I find the stalls? and what time in the evening does it start?

    • Look for the junction of Main Road and Mint Road in Fordsburg. That’s where the night market is. Have fun!

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