Project 365 : Drifting Flower

In the midst of all the festivities, I stepped aside and took a quiet moment. And spotted this lonely flower drifting in the moving water in a pond.
This was probably the hardest picture I’d ever shot with my iPhone.
Moving water and objects don’t go with a phone camera.
Project 365 – One shot a day with my iPhone. Every day. Shot with iPhone Instagram App.




  1. I am so glad I have found you! I was really surprised when I saw Project 365 on here because I started that project this year as well! I am a photographer of 4 years, but realized I needed more practice and made the decision to take a picture everyday in 2012. I am lugging around a DSLR everywhere I go now, capturing pieces of my life. Some don’t turn out well at all, and others turn out very well. I am so excited I am not alone! I am also a new blogger, and would love if you came and took a look at my space.
    Good luck with Project 365!

    • Your pictures are great Olivia! I checked out your blog. =)

      I did Project 365 last year with a DSLR/iPhone and found it hard. This year, I’m doing it with my iPhone and I find it alot easier since I have my iPhone with me all the time and the pictures need not be perfect. Still, it’s a wonderful way to stay disciplined and you’ll feel extremely satisfied when you review your results at the end of the year. Have fun!


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