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Today, I did the proper parenting thingy and helped our gal study. That’s right, STUDY. It’s not always all play and no work.

And here’s where my problem is. Our kids are very smart and have never really asked for help with school work. And honestly, I haven’t looked at anything remotely academic in 15 years. *gulp*

So when our gal asked for guidance with her Biology homework, the first thing I did was signal the hubby to pour me some wine. And then try to remember the difference between polysaccharides and monosaccharides.. The good thing about modern world parenting is, there is always Google to help out. Whatever we didn’t know, we Googled it. *wipes sweat off my head*

Is it just me or has school work become really tough for kids today?



  1. Polysaccharides?? WTF are those? I would need wine too. Great photo, by the way. You are an iPhone photography master.

    • The wine kept me from panicking. Google saved my a**. Hahaa..

  2. I think it’s pretty much the same, but made easier, as you say, by Google. Imagine we would have been able to just google everything we didn’t know. I’m thinking of the hours I spent at libraries and looking through tomes in order to give correct credit in footnotes, etc. I love when our oldest brings home math homework and actually asks for help (very rarely): Then I go all obsessed and try and solve quadratic equations and compete with my husband on who can recall it better. Then I realize those things now belong to a new generation. Sigh! Being a mom is so mundane.

    • There we are worrying about stuff that doesn’t make the kids sweat at all. Most of the time, they’ve already figured out the answers (and more!) when you’ve just started to scratch the surface of things. Haha..

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