Snippets Of Chinese New Year

The irony of spending Chinese New Year in a place that actually truly celebrates Chinese New Year is that it’s dead quiet everywhere. That’s because it’s the time of the year where everyone is catching up with family and friends and all shops and establishments are closed.

No one will be doing anything except chill at some relative or friend’s house and eat and eat and eat all day long. And play a few card games, play with the pets and bake some cinnamon rolls.

The only thing I’m enjoying about Chinese New Year is having my family close by. The kids have no where to go, coz all their friends have their own visiting to do. Which means we get to spend heaps of time with them. Heh heh heh..

I’m a little sore that my friends in Johannesburg are having a wild time checking out the festivities of Chinese New Year in Chinatown and the Chinese temples. Apparently they had lion and dragon dances, chinese cultural dances and wushu performances. I missed all that. Hmpf!

The consolation is I got to eat all the crabs I wanted, and I’m a happy gal. =)



  1. i want some of those yummy cinnamon rolls again!

    • She made some more the next day. We had overdose of cinnamon rolls last week. Haha..

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