A Celebratory Occasion at Marina Bay Sands

I love going up to the Sky Park at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. There’s nothing like taking in the city view of Singapore from high up. It’s fabulous!

And this time, my friends and I had a celebratory occasion at Ku De Ta, one of the hippest bars in the city right now. Right at the Sky Park, 57 floors above ground.

We watched the sun set with flutes of champagne and celebrated our freedom and courage to leave the corporate world. Both of them to pursue their dreams. And I for love. ♥♥

It’s not easy choosing this path that we are on. It took a tremendous amount of courage. But being able to live the life that we want is the biggest reward for the sacrifice we’ve made.

And relishing that idea from way up with a view like this is freaking cool.

We also took a walk and checked out the view from the Sands Skypark Pool. I’ve never been in this pool but it’s pretty cool to swim to the edge and look as if you’re falling over with the city behind you. In reality, the edge of that pool is not the edge of the floor at all. It just looks like it is. =)

I want to stay in the hotel and go to this pool some day!



  1. Nice shot,Bing! And thanks for being there to celebrate!!!

    • The shots came out great! Which means I probably wasn’t drunk (enough). Haha!

  2. Absolutely STUNNING photos. And I love the reason for your celebration.

    • Thanks Heather! You know how much courage it takes. So definitely a good reason to drink champagne. :)

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