Argan Oil

A few weeks ago, a reader generously sent me some Argan Oil.

I wasn’t sure what it was and had never heard of it till then. So I Googled it and it turned out to be some kind of a miracle oil from Morocco. In fact, some websites called it liquid gold.

If you’ve never heard of it (like I haven’t earlier), let this be the first place you hear of this amazing oil.

In a short few weeks, it has made my cuticles non-existent and has softened the lines around my eyes. I don’t have pictures to show because there’s no way I’m going to put the before ugly pictures of my dry skin and wrinkled eyes for the world to see. I’m not masochistic, I only put nice pictures of myself online so that I don’t puke when I read my blog years from now.

This miracle oil has also made the calluses on my feet smoother after I slapped the oil on before wearing socks to sleep. And that is a miracle by itself in an environment as dry as South Africa. The folks who gave me the oil said it’s a wonderful oil for a relaxing massage but the hubby refused to do that test with for me. Hmpf! He slapped it on his dry eczema plagued skin instead and a few days later came back to me and said it actually worked.

Best part is it doesn’t have a strong smell and doesn’t make you stink.

Stop asking me what I use to look young. I’m sharing all my secrets! =)

So yeah, I’m not promoting for this company and they didn’t pay me to say all this, but I really do like this product.

It’s SGD69.55 for a 50ml bottle. And a little goes a long way. You can buy it at My Life Store or Click LIKE on their Facebook page and leave me a comment here to say why you would like some Argan Oil. I have two bottles of this 100% pure Argan Oil to give away by Monday 5 March, 11.59pm UTC +8hours.

Please note that I am mailing these two bottles of Argan Oil to Singapore addresses only.

Special National Day Promotion
A 50ml bottle of 100% Pure Argan Oil is now available at My Life Store for SGD47 (usual price SGD69.55) from 1 to 12 August 2012. It will come with a bonus extra 8ml sample tube (worth SGD10) for every bottle purchased.


[Announcement of winners on 6 March 2012]

Thanks for taking part in the Argan Oil giveaway. Here are the winners. They were both selected with the Random Number Generator.

#16 Carolyn (en******
If I have the bottle, I will gladly pass to my teenage daughter to use to heal her acne on her face..

#58 Wendy (we*******
I’m getting married end of this year and i wish i could get rid of the wrinkles around my eyes and my dry hands & feet..

Congratulations, Carolyn and Wendy! You both win a 50ml bottle of 100% Pure Argan Oil worth SGD69.55. I will be contacting you shortly to send it to you. I hope enjoy it!



  1. I am turning 40 this year. Need to age gracefully

  2. Hi Karen,

    I’d like the Argan Oil for my fiancé, whose fingers have a weird, recurring peeling condition which affects his work (as he needs to scan his thumb prints for his work). Tea tree oil only works to a certain extent and his hands need moisturising constantly, so hopefully this will help!

    Thank you for being so generous!


  3. This was very interesting. I have never heard of this liquid gold before. I googled and have to admit that it sounds like it would benefit anyone who took it. With all these fine recommendations, I will have to try it. Need all the help I can get with skin, hair and nails. Thank you for sharing your secrets! 😉

  4. I used to look ok in pictures but not for the last few years.
    Have avoided the camera like the plaque.
    My enemy “age” has caught up too quickly and I need help.
    Argan Oil, I need you .

  5. Would definitely love to ‘win’ this give-away for my parents because …well, because they are old and are complaining how old they look. Shan’t go into details on all the aging problem all parents face these days, haha!

    Even if someone were to win the give-away, thank you Karen for recommending this oil to us!

  6. Would like to try it out as my skin is in a bad condition due to eczema =( would like to see if it will improve my dry skin! XD

  7. Need a super hydrating oil to soften my skin. Nothing seems to work to hydrate my extremely dry skin.

  8. Hello Karen,

    I would like this miracle Argan oil because I have very bad acne scars on my forehead. It was there since my teenage years and although the acne has cleared away, it left scars, thus spoiling the appearance of the skin.

    These awful acne has caused me much embarrassment during public functions, and I had to cut short fringe to hide the scars. I hope that the Argan oil would help in reducing the appearance of the scars and make my skin softer. =)

    Thank you for introducing Argan oil, and thanks for the giveaway.


  9. As of late, i’ve been plagued with eczema on my legs. Please send me a miracle cure in the form of liquid gold! Thanks!

  10. Hi Karen!

    Thanks for this post!

    Would really love to try this miracle oil on the big patch of scar on my leg due to an awful accident 2 years ago. I have been looking for creams that can help lighten the scars but somehow none of them really worked. Been getting a lot of attention because of the scar which is not something i would like to talk about all the time. Hope Argan Oil will be the last product i use to help improve the scaring. :) Cheers!

  11. Of late, I have been having a bad case of eczema and now that I’m into my 30’s, skin is losing its elasticity and firmness. wrinkles and fine lines are creeping up all over my face like how acryllic paint dries up on a fresh canvas. Worse of it all, I’m a photographer too.. so each time I take photos, I have to tirelessly photoshop each photo till I don’t even want to upload much anymore. Argan oil – something I would love to test its fine miracles on my skin. Thank you for your generosity!

  12. Hi Bing,

    I would love to present this amazing gift to my dad and mum for their 20th wedding anniversary this year. :) They married late so they’re now senior citizens already when I, the older of the 2 in our family, have yet to hit 20. My parents, like many other parents, give their all to my bro and I and all their sweat and love for us over the years are evident from their dry, coarse and crumpled hands.

    Thank you so much, whether or not I win this eventually. :)

  13. Just had a beautiful baby and I breastfeed! :)

    Sleep deprivation gave me fine lines under my eyes and left me dehydrated so I would really like to try this oil.

    Thank you, whether I get it or not. :)

  14. I would love argan oil for my dry hair!

  15. I want to look and sing forever young…… ! Honestly, having a bad case of skin breakout now… want to be able to try out a new product and get better at the same time :)

  16. If I have the bottle, I will gladly pass to my teenage daughter to use to heal her acne on her face. The poor girl has to apply many creams and taking antibiotics to hope it will be cured. Thanks for sharing and giving….much appreciated!

  17. I would like the oil not for myself but for my mother. My mother is 52 this year. Although she likes to be beautiful but she’s very thrifty and hardly spends on herself, so I wish to get this bottle of oil for her:)

  18. Wow I want to try that miracle oil!! There is so much to improve on me!

  19. My daughter doesn’t want to cut her hair even though it’s so dry and split up. I hope argan oil will restore her beautiful locks. Thanks for introducing this oil.

  20. Oh my god, my crow’s feet need help!!!!

  21. I love to have it for my hubby as a gift for our 9 year anniversary. His skin cracks up easily n he only allow me to slap stuff on his face if it does not hv strong smell. And this Argan Oil seems to b the one.
    Thanks Karen for the recommendation

  22. Hi Bing,
    i would like to have a bottle of miracle oil for my younger brother who suffered from serious eczema since young. he had seen countless doctors and even restort to TCM, but none of them really helps. he was prescibed with steriod and we all know what harms this medicine bring and cannot be used on a long term basis. i hope to give him this bottle a try and pray that miracle do happens :)

  23. Would like to try it on my boy, who is scratching like a monkey.

  24. I’m craving for a relaxing massage with the hubby (referring to mine, not yours, dont worry :P)

  25. Would love to share the argan oil with my family and enjoy the benefits together :)

  26. I have awful acne scars on my face . Hope to try this miracle oil …. Argan oil has shown a positive impact on chicken pox and acne because of its powerful anti-inflammatory abilities.

  27. I would love to give this bottle of Argan Oil to my little grand nephew who has severe
    eczema. He has been seen by many skin specialists and they always prescribed steroids
    which are bad for his young body. I hope this miracle oil will make his skin look and feel better.
    thank you.

  28. I love your blog.

  29. Hi Bing, Thanks for sharing this Argan oil. I heard my colleague mentioning about it few weeks back but never paiy special attention to it until i read your entry.
    I need this Argan oil on my frizzy dry hairends. It got worse after a haicut and now I am now facing bad hair day every single day. Pathetic uh! :( Apart from that, I have dry heels too. In desperate need of ARGAN OIL…. …..

  30. Hi Bing, I hope to be the selected one because of my crack/dry fingers. As a working mother cum maid to my family, doing housechores is very painful job especially i dont like to wear gloves when washing. Thank you! & Argan Oil… I’ll b waiting for you….heehee :@)

  31. My mum has been plagued with bad sensitive skin on both her palms for years now (they’re usually red, dry and with sores) and they’ve been aggravated by years of housework. She’s tried almost any and everything, and if the argan oil works, it would really be a huge blessing.

  32. Hi Karen, I would like to give a bottle to my cousin’s kid in Auckland. He has severe eczema & was hospitalised during the past 2 winters there. Hope the oil can help him this coming winter. Thanks!

  33. I am a full time working mum with two children and have little money to pamper myself as my salary is mostly dedicated to my 2 loves. A gift will definitely brighten my day! Cheers!

  34. Hi Karen,

    My sister has eczema since young and it left her scars that are visible and I’m also left with acne scars from my teenage years. I’m glad that i came to know this product from your introduction of it and it’ll be great to get it myself and share my experience on it to everyone.

    Compared to everyone who has commented, i think there are a many others who need it more than i do. So i thank you for introducing this product to us! (:


  35. Bing, I need a bottle of this miracle liquid urgently. Ever since I started returning to school (uni) back in August, my complexion has been troubled with constant outbreaks and acnes.

    Furthermore, would love to own this bottle so I could share it along with my muMMy! ♥

    Cheers! :) & God blesses

  36. This is exactly what i need right now! Im only in my early 20s and i cant believe that my skin is actually getting so dry. It gets itchy and even flaky sometimes that when i wear a black outfit, i could see my flaky skin all around. Tried many creams, which helped abit but still not moisturizing enough. I dont wish my skin to look so much older than i actually am. :( Im still a student, so i dont really have so much money to buy this Argan Oil.

    I hope that i get the chance to try this! Thanks!

  37. I have been looking for something that will hopefully soften and remove the gigantic callus on my right index finger. It is awfully dry and cracks all the time. While I can ignore the discomfort (I have high pain tolerance), my husband and daughter have only one word to describe it – YUCKY!

    Tried lots of cream, even pure aloe vera but nothing works! I’m in need of a miracle! =P

  38. Hope my face will shine after using this wonder oil.

  39. Hi Karen! :p Argan oil is the latest thing here in the US too….all the ladies on MUA love it. I’ve used argan oil but I find that rosehip oil works better for my face – the argan oil is now being used on my dry legs. Good luck to whoever gets this oil!

  40. Wow! I never knew so many people had eczema. Glad to know I’m not alone. I would love for my itchy skin to get better. Sometimes it gets so bad, I scratch till my skin bleeds. Thanks for introducing this oil.

  41. Not very relevant to me and am surprised by you sharing on skin care lately. But my wife will surely love this for her skin.

  42. Hello Bing, I’d like the Argan oil for my Mum. She has been complaining about her aging skin.
    Thank you!

  43. Hi Bing, Will like to have this Argan oil for my wife as she have eczema and this will help her alot.

  44. I would love to have this because I have very dry feet due to wearing heels often =/ for those who don’t know, this is great for hair too!

  45. I have been troubled by eczema since four years ago. It was initially an on-off thing but had recently escalated till it has become a daily occurrence. What is worse is that the affected area is just next to my lips which makes it even more unsightly and I recently found out that the medication prescribed by my doc contains steroid which is definitely not good in the long run. I have been applying the cream diligently everyday but it has reached a point whereby it’s not doing me any good now. Short of jumping down the cliff, I am so exasperated yet there’s nothing else I can do.

    I would really like to try out the Argan oil as it sounds that it can work wonders! Also, I am unable to buy it off the shelves now (the online ones are cheaper but sounds dodgey) as I have only recently started working and $70 a bottle is really stretching my monthly budget. Please do help in alleviating my problem :)

  46. I’d like the argan oil cos it’s never too young to look young and feel young!

  47. I would like to win this cos I calluses & cuticle since I am young on both my fingers and toes ): My mum have it too so I wish I can win this and share it with her ;D

  48. I’m not sure if this oil is really that good so I’m commenting here to see if I’ll win it on a freak chance. If it’s that gooood, I WILL order from the shop.

  49. hi Bing,
    Thanks for pencil down all the interestings things – food, life in Africa, cooking etc I love them and have been reading your blog for about 6 mths now ;p.

    I’ve very dry skin especially on hands and legs..all sorts of cream didn’t work. At times, I get woken up in the nights by the dryness of my hands :(

    So will like to try this miraculous oil you mentioned. I’ve a friend who suffers from eczema and it is works, I’ll pass some to her to try too.

  50. Hi Karen,

    I am a 22 year old girl but has been plagued by crazily itchy rashes ( I suspect its eczema). It was so bad that sometimes it wakened me in the middle of the night just to scratch it and the funny thing is, I only got it recently. It was rather strange and doctors gave me lots of Zyrtec which doesn’t help at all. Hope I could win this, and prove that natural remedy is actually the best solution.

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