Cooking Club

A bunch of gals in my neighbourhood has formed a cooking club. Like my other cooking club, Diversity On The Table (DOTT), it’s just a bunch of gals who like to cook, eat and learn getting together to become better wives/girlfriends at home.

I love such get togethers because I can always learn something new. I’ve learnt to make Belgian, Korean and Senegalese dishes to date, and this time, my friend Laura showed everyone how to make a good roast chicken. Very British.

Since I cook so much, everyone expected this to be easy peasy for me. But I sheepishly admitted that I have never roasted a whole chicken in my life. Hahaha! I have tons of recipes on how to make one of course, but I’ve never really looked into it.

Laura used a recipe by Jamie Oliver (here) and it was really easy and straight forward. She made it seem so easy to put it all together that I wondered why I bother to cook Chinese food all the time and have to spend hours chopping and stir frying.

The poor chicken had to be stuffed with huge lemons.

But my pity for the poor guy ended there. The meal was fabulous. The chicken meat was falling off the bone and deliciously tender and moist. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Adding on to the British theme, we also had Pimms cocktails! Wahaha! Alcohol at 10.30am in the morning is seriously a luxury. The cocktail was a mix of oranges, lemons, cucumber, mint, lemonade and Pimms.

I seriously love my cooking classes! All our husbands appreciate them too, I’m sure. =)



  1. Looks delicious. Sorry I missed it!

    • Don’t miss the next one! =)

  2. Hi.. is the chicken roast breast down? did you have it with the gravy?

    • No, it was breast side up. And yes, we made a gravy.

      • Actually on 2nd thought, I’m not sure if we flipped the chicken or not. I was too busy with my Pimms drink. =p

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